Warzone Season 3 Introduces Kong, Godzilla & Mechagodzilla Operators

We already know that King Kong and Godzilla will come to Warzone in Season 3, but that we can play them ourselves is new. Check out these cool skins!

Kong Godzilla S Kins
This looks sick! | © Activision

What the hell? I mean, we are all looking forward to Season 3 and finally new content for Vanguard and Warzone, but we didn't expect this... We've known for a while that King Kong and Godzilla are coming to Caldera and will probably cause a lot of destruction and changes on the current map. The whole thing is supposed to start on May 11 under the name Operation Monarch. The fact that we can dress up as monsters ourselves was not known until now. So let's take a look at what kind of cool operator skins we'll get with Operation Monarch?

Play as Kong, Godzilla & Mechagodzilla

With Operation Monarch we get three limited time Operator Bundles for Warzone. With these bundles we can become a human-sized version of King Kong, Godzilla or Mechagodzilla. In the following, we'll briefly introduce the three awesome bundles to you.

Kong Operator Bundle

Kong Warzone
Awesome! I always wanted to play as a gorilla... | © Activision

The Kong Bundle lets you run around as King Kong in a fancy hooded outfit. This actually is a skin for the operator Wade. Of course, that's not all, because there are also three weapon blueprints with green tracer ammo. Here we have listed all items for you:

  • Kong – Operator Skin
  • Temple of Kong – Sniper Blueprint
  • Skull Island Shaker – SMG Blueprint
  • Kong’s Scepter – Melee Blueprint
  • Gravity Inversion – Finishing Move
  • Primal Power – Spray
  • Jia’s Doll – Weapon Charm
  • Kong Roar – Animated Emblem
  • Watch Your Back – Highlight Intro

Godzilla Operator Bundle

Godzilla also comes in a hooded outfit, as seen in the header image, and is actually a skin for Shigenori. Besides the Godzilla skin, the highlight of this bundle is probably the Mastercraft blueprint, which looks like the monster itself and comes with blue tracer ammo. You can see all the other items here:

  • Godzilla Ghillie – Operator Skin
  • Breath of Godzilla – Sturmgewehr Mastercraft Blueprint
  • Awakened Alpha – LMG Blueprint
  • Gojira Stomp – Finishing Move
  • Protector of Earth – Calling Card
  • Godzilla Heat Ray – Animated Emblem
  • Big Mistake – MVP Highlight
  • Zwei Sprays

Mechagodzilla Operator Bundle

Warzone Mechagodzilla
A bit over the top, isn't it? | © Activision

Yep, you can also go into battle as Mechagodzilla. The Mechagodzilla skin is for Constanze and also comes with three sick blueprints, with red tracer ammo. Here are all items of the bundle:

  • Mechagodzilla – Operator skin
  • Cybernetic Destroyer – Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Neural Uplink – SMG Blueprint
  • Nanometal Tail Blade – Melee Blueprint
  • Machine Learning – MVP Highlight
  • Rival Protocol – Highlight Intro
  • Network Uptime – Watch
  • Mechagodzilla Head – Weapon Charm
  • Evolving Together – Emblem

All three bundles will be available during Operation Monarch, starting May 11. However, Season 3 will start way earlier, on April 27. So you can start grinding the new Season 3 Battle Pass already until Godzilla and King Kong arrive on Caldera.