Modern Warfare 2 Will Get ACR and Intervention & Only 5 Attachments

Both the ACR and the Intervention will return in Modern Warfare 2, and we will be going back to only five attachments, leaks suggest.
Modern warfare 2 acr intervention attachments
What do you think we can expect from Modern Warfare 2 (2022)? | © Activision

It looks like two iconic weapons are returning in Modern Warfare 2, according to a recent leak. This is massive news for the fans of the original Modern Warfare 2, wherein these two weapons were considered big hits and iconic to the game's arsenal. In the end, though, this isn't really the biggest news of the day, seeing as Modern Warfare 2 will also be going back to featuring only five attachments.

Honestly, hurray for the latter piece of news. Vanguard's bloated system added nothing to the game except for being a total pain in the arse, but hey, I'll stop complaining now. As more and more Call of Duty 2022 leaks get dropped in the leadup to the game's inevitable launch probably some time in November, we will begin to debate the relevance and likelihood of various theories. It'll be fun, and we're not complaining, but just prepare yourself for lot of these kinds of articles.

This particular leak, from good ol' TheGhostOfHope on Twitter (oh, jeez, what a name), does somewhat deserve our attention. Well, kind-of. It's a leak, it could be total bulls**t and let's be real, who knows if this guy even knows what he's talking about. What I'm saying is take all of this with a pinch of salt, okay? That being said, though, who would lie about something as inconsequential as this, anyway?

ACR and Intervention Coming to MW2 & Only 5 Attachments

The most recent Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals that classic weapons, the ACR and Intervention may be featured in the game, and that there will likely on be five attachment slots per-weapon. This is great news for those of us who don't like having our time wasted by an overly bloated and unnecessary attachment system such as the one featured in last year's Call of Duty: Vanguard.

This is big news for Call of Duty fans, though, especially those who are fans of both the ACR and the Intervention. Is it legit, though? Well, look, there's no way of saying. This guy has been right about stuff before, so he could very well be right about this. That being said, as many of these leaks go there is no verifiable information to present you with, no evidence at all. Thus, we cannot claim that this is true and will not pretend otherwise. Who knows, this is basically just some dude saying stuff after all...

So, folks, we could very well be getting the ACR and the Intervention in the new game. We could also see a return to five attachments on guns in Modern Warfare 2. To be honest, both of these are pretty darn realistic. Both the ACR and Intervention have been in multiple other Call of Duty's and the five attachment system works way better than... whatever the fork that was in Vanguard. It's kind of a no brainer...