Activision Fail: Accidentally Leaked MW2 Trailer Reveals Gameplay Details

Activision accidentally put out a gameplay trailer ahead of schedule, and it's revealed a few new details. From impressive technical support, to campaign missions, here's everything we learned.

Activision Share Gameplay Trailer
Fifteen years ago, I was in Chernobyl under the lead of Captain MacMillan for some wetwork. The target: Imran Zakhaev. | © Activision

I love it when Call of Duty make mistakes. Well, not all the time. The utter failure of them to ever get a CDL match to start on time, or to stamp out cheating in Warzone (even big streamers are doing it) is infuriating. But when they mess up and reveal things too soon, which happens far more commonly than you'd imagine for such a massive company, I applaud. Why not? Getting to see content early is such a treat. And in this case, with the gameplay trailer they accidentally released ahead of schedule, we discovered a ton of gameplay features. Let's take a look, shall we?

MW2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Classic Missions, 4K & Ultrawide Support

First thing's first, check out the trailer yourself (they deleted it, but others have saved and re-uploaded it):

It looks awesome, trailers are one of the things they've always nailed. But what does it reveal about Modern Warfare 2? Quite a lot:

  • We're getting an All Ghillied Up-style sniper mission. These are usually the best missions in any CoD campaign, so that's fantastic news.
  • We're getting night-missions, complete with night-vision goggles and laser sights. This one was expected from an MW CoD, but we're loving it all the same.
  • 4K graphics will be supported from launch, so even with IW's love of dull color palettes, the environments should look incredible.
  • Ultrawide monitors will also be supported from launch, this is a first in CoD history, and it should have already happened really, but we aren't complaining.

This all makes Modern Warfare 2 more and more promising. Of course, we'll have to see how it plays on release, but as you can tell from our review of the beta, we're already impressed.

Are you hyped for MW2? Or is classic minimap a deal-breaker for you?

We imagine the player will get to use some of these new mechanics during the All Ghillied Up mission...

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