Fixing CoD Error: "Our Level Fastfile is Different From The Server"

Another day, another Call of Duty error. This time, players are being met with the strange message: Our Level Fastfile is Different From The Server. So what causes this bug? And, how do you fix it?

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And just like clockwork, another CoD error. | © Activision

Do you want to know something crazy? This error has been occurring since MW2. Seriously, this has been an issue for over a decade. It only pops up now and then, but still, there are children younger than this error code playing Warzone right now. But on the bright side, once you've read this article, you'll be able to fix this problem ten years from now, when it'll most likely still be a problem. Well, unless Microsoft can actually sort the series out. We aren't holding our breath.

What Causes Error Code: “Our Level Fastfile is Different From The Server”

This is an error caused by the CoD servers failing to properly verify your account. It's basically a bug where you're being blocked just to be sure you aren't a cheater that's been altering game files. I mean, it's not a bug if you are actually cheating, it's working. And if you do just want to cheat, then we can't help you in this article. But maybe we can interest you in our guides? You could learn to play well enoughy so you don't need cheats!

How To Fix Error Code: “Our Level Fastfile is Different From The Server”

When you see the error message: “Our Level Fastfile is Different From The Server” you need to reinstall the Call of Duty game that you're trying to access. This unfortunately applies to PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and there's no other way around that consistently works. We know this isn't what you wanted to hear; that means a lot of time and a lot of bandwidth being spent to fix the error, but it always works.

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