The Best Warzone 2.0 Sakin MG38 Loadout | A Solid LMG

Here you can find the best Sakin MG38 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0. The Sakin is a stable LMG, but is outperformed by most other weapons in its class.

Sakin MG38 thumb
This is the best Sakin MG38 Loadout for Warzone! | © Activision

Warzone 2.0 plays significantly slower than Warzone 1, and that not only means that all the slide-cancel players have been ranting non-stop since release, but also that the meta has changed significantly. So far, assault rifles, snipers and SMGs have been the champions in Warzone, but now battle rifles and especially LMGs finally have a chance. The LMGs in particular are really strong as long-range weapons in Warzone 2.0.

The Sakin MG38 is a pretty solid choice. It's heavy, very slow, and has decent recoil. That means pretty much every other LMG in the game outperforms the Sakin in some way. Nevertheless, the weapon can be played well at medium to long distances, and we show you the best setup for it.

Warzone 2.0: Sakin MG38 Setup

Sakin MG38
Here are the best attachments for the Sakin. | © Activision
MuzzleZLR Talon 5TAQ-M to Level 22Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.70 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+0.45 in)
Barrel20" Bruen Silver Series BarrelSAKIN MG38 to Level 16Recoil Steadiness (+0.20 oz) / Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.10 in)
OpticSchlager 3.4xRAPP H to Level 12Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.80 oz) / Standard
Rear GripBruen G305 Grip WrapPDSW 528 to Level 3Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.70 oz) / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.25 in)
UnderbarrelBruen Warrior LMGSAKIN MG38 to Level 12Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.45 oz) / Aim Walking Speed (-0.35 in)

We've built out the Sakin MG38 for range because LMGs are far too slow in close combat anyway. So the focus is primarily on range, bullet velocity and recoil control. We achieve all this with the barrel, the muzzle and the grips. For the magazine we're sticking with the standard as 100 rounds is more than enough and the larger options would make us even slower.

The optic is, as always, a matter of taste. We like the Schlager 3.4x because it has a very clean crosshair and, above all, doesn't block much of your peripheral vision. If you would like something smaller, you should take a look at the Slimline Pro.

When tuning, we try as best we can to get some mobility out of the Sakin and, above all, to improve the ADS speed. The Sakin MG38 will always be slow though, so watch your positioning.

Warzone 2.0 Sakin MG38: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary: Chimera

Chimera Attachments
Die Chimera ist ein nicer Allrounder. | © Activision

As mentioned, the Sakin MG38 is extremely slow, so we urgently need a more mobile weapon for close combat. Sure, we could just go with a snappy SMG like the Fennec 45, but the Chimera is particularly good for this loadout. The weapon is sort of a hybrid of an assault rifle and SMG and works very well with the above build at both short and medium ranges.

Perk (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Again our standard choice:

Perk PackageSpectre

Basis Extras

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus ExtraSpotter
Ultimatives Extra


The Specter Pack is currently the best pack package in Warzone 2.0. Ghost is essential to counter the UAV spam, while Double Time and Tracker are still quite useful in many situations - but you really don't need Spotter.

Of course, we have to do without Overkill in favor of Ghost, but we can simply buy the second weapon at a buy station. If you want to be on the safe side, you should get the Chimera first and then expand your loadout with the Sakin MG38.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Our favorite combo:



As always, Semtex is the easiest choice. The grenade works in every situation and can stick to players as well as vehicles. In the tactics slot, we opt for the still very powerful flashbang grenades. The radius and duration of the flash is just enormous, making these grenades a very good choice.

That was all you need to know about the Sakin MG38. If you want to try something new, check out the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0.

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