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We have the best SP-R 208 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0 for you. Sadly, the MMR isn't really worth it in Warzone 2.0.

SP-R 208 loadout | © EarlyGame

MMRs in Warzone have always been a rather neglected weapon class. Semi-automatic rifles with less damage than snipers just aren't viable in Warzone 2.0... still, some MMRs can be fun if you want to try something different.

The SP-R 208 was one of the best guns in Warzone 1 and almost as good as the Kar98k. In Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, it is still extremely strong and an absolute one-shot machine. Unfortunately, that doesn't carry over to Warzone 2.0.

The SP-R aims in really fast and is very mobile, but the damage is simply not high enough. If not even the big snipers can take out enemies with just one hit, an MMR like the SP-R 208 certainly cannot.

Warzone 2.0: SP-R 208 Setup

SPR 208
The best SP-R 208 setup. | © EarlyGame/Activision

This is our best SP-R 208 setup:

SlotAttachmentHow to unlock
MuzzleZLR Talon 5TAQ-M to Level 22Aim Down Sight Speed (-1.08 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+0.60 in)
Barrel22.5" Elevate-11SP-R 208 to Level 4Aim Walking Speed (-0.30 lb) / Damage Range (+0.25 in)
OpticLuca Bandera ScopeLockwood Mk2 to Level 7Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.80 oz) / Standard
CombAim-Assist 406SP-R 208 to Level 12Aim Walking Speed (-0.20 oz) / Standard
Ammunition7.62 High Velocity
Lachmann-762 to Level 12Damage Range (+0.40 g) / Bullet Velocity (+7.55 gr)

With this setup, we increase range and bullet velocity, but also mobility. With the barrel, muzzle and ammunition, we get more range and bullet velocity, which allows hits from a greater distance. With the comb, we increase the ADS speed and make sure that we can aim in quickly.

As always, you have a choice when it comes to the optic. We love the Luca Bandera, but you can take pretty much anything that suits you.

Warzone 2.0 SP-R 208 Loadout: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Wepaon: TAQ-56

The TAQ-56 is still one of the best guns in Warzone 2.0. | © Activision/EarlyGame

Even though the new ISO Hemlock and the RPK are currently the absolute meta, we go for the good old TAQ-56 as a secondary weapon. The RPK and Hemlock are both extremely strong long-range options, but are not very helpful in close- or even mid-range combat. The SP-R obviously is not a good weapon for those distances either, so we want a secondary weapon that is as versatile as possible.

This is where the TAQ-56 comes in, which to this day is one of the best all-around weapons in our opinion and works well in any situation.

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

Our choice of perks:

Base Perks

Bomb Squad / Overkill

Bonus PerkResupply
Ultimate Perk

High Alert

Since we can finally choose our own perks again, we recommend Bomb Squad and Overkill as base perks. Bomb Squad reduces all damage from explosions and Overkill allows us to carry two primary weapons.

As a bonus perk, we opt for Resupply so that we never run out of flash grenades. While for the Ultimate perk we like going for High Alert, which is especially useful when footstep audio is still so low.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

The best combo:



Flash Grenade

The recent Season 2 patch introduced a handful of much needed nerfs, but flashes are still absurdly strong. With these puppies you can blind a whole squad and make outplays like it's 2020. Semtex is less powerful nowadays, but we still think it's a fairly good option for all players, and it's easy to use effectively.

That's about it for the SP-R 208. If you're looking for something a little more reliable, try one of the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0.

We're still not sure if weapons like this will transfer over to the unexpected 2023 CoD:

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