A Secret Underwater Contract In Al Mazrah Has Confused The Warzone Community...

Players have discovered a contract phone hidden in a sunken ship off the coast of Al Mazrah, but it seems impossible to collect without drowning right now. So what's going on? Are we going to get scuba-equipment in a future update?

Underwater Contact Warzone
Al Mazrah is full of secrets... | © Activision

Warzone 2.0 has just launched, and for all those players who didn't get MW2, it's been quite a surprising seeing just how many new mechanics have been introduced via the IW9 engine. Perhaps most excitingly, we can now swim. And this has lead to a lot of hilarious clips on Twitter.

But besides ridiculous underwater gunfights, swimming has also allowed players to explore the depths of the rivers and the seas. And in the last few hours a mystery has been discovered off the coast of Al Mazrah, in a sunken ship...

A Secret Underwater Contract In Al Mazrah

A contract phone has been discovered deep underwater, although right now no one can work out how to safely reach it. It's so far away from the surface that it can't be reached without drowning currently. But, as you would expect, this hasn't stopped people going for it. Quite the opposite, in fact, teams of players are trying to find ways to survive long enough underwater to activate the phone.

Lots of players have found this contract phone, but here's a high resolution clip from WarzoneGQ:

We personally don't think it will be possible to activate the phone right now. We think that it's more likely IW want to develop their swimming mechanics further by introducing scuba-equipment in a later season. This equipment could then be used to activate the underwater contract phone, and potentially find even more deep sea mysteries.

What do you think is going on with this phone? Just a bug, or something more?

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