Warzone 2: Harry Potter Cheat Drives Players Insane

Warzone, at least on PC, has always been plagued by cheaters. That's what happens when you make a massively popular game free. But this latest cheat is... kinda funny. Yep, the Harry Potter flying vehicles cheat is back, now with boats!

Warzone 2 Harry potter Cheat
Oh God, the Harry Potter cheat has returned to Warzone... | © Activision / Warner Bros

Some of the best upgrades to Warzone 2, besides all the cool swimming and ledge-hanging, are the new vehicles. And most of them are super fun to drive and well-balanced. But as legacy players from Warzone 1 will tell you, vehicles always seem to produce the make game-breaking bugs and glitches, and cheaters are always able to find a way to exploit them somehow.

Well, sadly, the same pattern is already emerging in Warzone 2. Vehicles are causing problems again. This time it's actually the return of a classic older cheat, the Harry Potter / flying vehicles exploit. Let's take a look.

The Harry Potter Flying Vehicles Cheat Is Back... With Boats!

An old Warzone 1 cheat that allowed players to make vehicles fly is back in Warzone 2, only now they're doing it with the boats. This is every bit as infuriating as you probably imagine. Here's a hi-res clip of the flying boats from u/Co2Scorpick on Reddit:

Warzone 2.0 Hacker in a flying boat from Warzone

As funny as it might look in a short clip, if that costed someone a win then f*ck those guys.

Is there a way to prevent this happening to you? The only real way to avoid cheaters right now is by playing on PlayStation and turning off crossplay. Sadly Xbox users are forced to use crossplay, and so they need to share lobbies with PC. And if you're on PC then there's absolutely nothing you can do; all the cheaters come from PC, unfortunately.

If you want any hope of beating the cheaters, here's a guide to the best weapons in Warzone 2 right now (and to get the best weapons levelled quickly, you can pick up a copy of MW2 here). Good luck!

But if you don't have MW2, the quickest way to level is in the DMZ:

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