Warzone Cup Introduces Soccer Mode To Call of Duty

With the Warzone Cup, Warzone 2.0 is introducing soccer to Call of Duty. To celebrate the World Cup, Activision not only added some soccer operator skins, but now also a brand new mode. Let's see if Call of Duty can challenge Rocket League...

World Cup Modus Warzone
The new Soccer-Mode in Warzone 2.0 reminds us of another popular game... | © Activision

In Warzone 2. 0 there is already some content about the current World Cup in Qatar. In addition to the Support A Team mini game and the three players who made it into the game as a bundle, there is now a separate mode to match the major soccer event. This is a mode that is strongly reminiscent of Rocket League. But maybe it's also a nice distraction when things aren't going so great in Warzone 2.0.

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Warzone Cup Mode Explained

Warzone Cup is a new time-limited mode for Warzone 2. 0. Unfortunately not, the Rebirth mode many players are waiting for. It's more like Rocket League.

In the new mode, players compete against each other on special ATVs with a pulse ability and try to push a giant soccer ball into the opponent's goal, just like in Rocket League. The venue will be Al Easima Field, the stadium of a rival club of the fictional Al Mazrah team. You'll play 3v3 and both teams try to score 5 goals within 5 minutes. Whoever does it first, or has more goals at the end of the 5-minute timer, wins the match. Additionally, Shock Sticks can be collected and thrown to stall enemies – of course, you can also just ram them out of the way. So like Rocket League, only without flying through the air.

The midseason update goes live on December 14 which will most probably also be the release date for the new mode. Maybe quite a good exercise to avoid driving your car into every tree in Warzone 2.0. Alternatively, you can hopefully earn some XP or tokens for the Battle Pass.

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