MW2 & Warzone 2: 'Support A Team Explained'

Activision is teaming up with the World Cup for some awesome in-game content, and it’s not just limited to some baller operator skins of soccer’s greatest stars. You also can bet 6 World Cup games and get some rewards.

Wold Cup Spezial
Support A Team is live in Modern Warfare II | ©Activision

By simply picking a few match winners during the World Cup, you can earn free rewards to use in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. And the best part is that you'll earn something, regardless of who wins, and it’s an effortless and free event to take part in. We'll show you what you have to do.

Get Rewards For Betting In The World Cup

The 'Support A Team' event is a community minigame that invite you to place your figurative bets on who you think will win the in the real life World Cup group stages. In exchange for being correct, players can earn country calling cards, country war tracks for vehicles, XP and two exclusive weapon blueprints. A blueprint for the TAQ-56 and one for the STB 556.

You can find it, if you enter the CoD HQ menu in MW2 or Warzone 2.0, when you scroll all the way down past all of the game options. There you can also find the Nejmar Jr. Bundle (available up to November, 29) and the Modern Warfare FC even. The challenge started on November, 23 and is set to end on December, 2, which is when the prizes are said to be distributed all at once as well.

  • November 23-25: USA vs. England
  • November 25-26: Argentina vs Mexico
  • November 26-27: Spain vs. Germany
  • November 27-28: South Korea vs. Ghana
  • November 28-30 : Tunisia vs. France
  • November 30- December 2: Cameroon vs. Brazil

The window of betting closes 4 hours before the games start. Currently, you can only vote on the 6 games, if more will come is unclear.

Support a Team
Support A Team | ©Activision


Why don’t I have any of the rewards? I bet on England first, Argentina second.


If it's a draw no matter who you choose it counts as a correct guess. I chose England on the first round and it was a draw.... It says on the rules part of the game that draws equal as a win or a correct pick.... 👍🏻