Warzone Freeze Glitch Is Back

A couple of months back, we had a super annoying freeze glitch in Warzone when playing Rebirth Island, and it looks like this glitch is back...

Rebirth Island update
Why can't we play this map in peace? | © Activision

Glitches and Warzone? There is hardly a better duo in Call of Duty. Freeze glitches have always been a problem of some kind in Warzone, I mean we all remember the Shop glitch or the loot glitch. Even though they only delay our actions for a couple of settings, there is nothing worse in the game, and glitches are supper frustrating to deal with.

What Is The Freeze Glitch?

A while back, there was one of the worst glitches when playing Rebirth Island. Whenever you landed, everything would freeze for a couple of seconds, but that wasn't the worst part. It didn't affect everyone in the lobby, so if you were landing hot and got this glitch and the guy next to you didn't, you basically just gave him a free kill. It was truly one of the most frustrating things ever, and it was in the game for quite some time, and it looks like it's back.

A Reddit user posted a clip of him landing on top of prison, and even though everything seems normal, a couple of seconds later, his whole game freezes. The old freeze glitch only froze you for a couple of seconds, and then you could keep on playing, but it seems the glitch has mutated into this new form. The user is frozen for a much longer time, and afterward he is even kicked out of the game.

This is even worse than the previous glitch, and luckily it isn't as widespread. Still, it's even more frustrating and makes the game unplayable, so hopefully Raven has acknowledged this glitch and is working on a fix ASAP.

As of know, there doesn't seem to be a fix, so we will have to wait for Raven to do something about this. Have you run into this glitch? Let's hope this is resolved soon, so we can keep grinding those dubs.