Warzone Mobile Launches In First Europe Country

Warzone Mobile is slowly being released in more and more countries. The game has now reached Europe, and Swedish players are able to access the servers.

Warzone Mobile Launches Sweden
Yes, Warzone Mobile has Verdansk! | © Activision

Warzone Mobile will probably be massive when it's released, especially given the current state of Warzone 2. But they aren't just going to dump it out globally on a single release day, instead Activision are choosing to release the game country-by-country. Australia got it first, and now (March 23) it's made its way to Europe.

  • If you already have a good quality controller that you're comfortable with, then we highly recommend getting a phone clip and playing Warzone Mobile that way.

Warzone Mobile Launches In Sweden

Warzone Mobile has launched in the first European country, Sweden. Swedish and Australian fans can now play the game without any barriers to entry. And if you're wondering why they started with those two countries, it's because they wanted to start with smaller countries so as not to over-stress the servers.

What do they have access to? Quads Battle Royale on Verdansk, a shortened 10-minute version of Duos on Verdansk, and a very basic multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode features Team Deathmatch on Boneyard and Shopping Center.

We don't know which country will be next to receive Warzone Mobile, but we will keep you updated. Until then, why not play Apex Mobile before it closes down?

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