Warzone & Vanguard Festive Fervor Event: All Challenges & Rewards

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays with Warzone and Vanguard's Festive Fervor Event? Here are more details than you could shake a stick at, including all the daily challenges, rewards, and more.
Warzone festive fervor
What are the challenges in the Warzone & Vanguard Festive Fervor Event? | © Activision

A lot has and is happening over these few weeks at the end of 2021. Santa is coming, or has come, the final few weeks of the year are rolling by, and 2022 is at the precipice of its inception. We may have already revealed Warzone and Vanguard's Festive Fervor Event, but that is no enough to keep you engaged with the game. After all, there's plenty to capture your attention right now, and one small article isn't quite enough, especially if you want to look out for the challenges and rewards that have arrived as part of Call of Duty's Christmas Content.

It might seem a bit odd that a game devoted to blowing the heads off other human beings would give a rat's arse about Christmas, but here we are. Perhaps a better Christmas present to give would be to give those QA testers their jobs back, hey? But I digress. Let's take a quick look at the many challenges, and their various rewards, that are available over these joyous couple of weeks. It might not be quite the same level of happiness as we would have felt if Call of Duty: Vanguard didn't suck, but Festive Fervor is actually pretty solid!

How Do the Festive Fervor Challenges Work?

The Festive Fervor event features a selection of challenges in both Warzone and Vanguard, each of which have their own rewards. These challenges need to be completed by January 4 so that you can not only receive the individual reward for each of the completed challenges, but the overall Event Reward. They are Christmas-related Challenges that generally involve the modes and maps that were introduced to coincide with Festive Fervor.

Festive Fervor Challenges & Rewards in Warzone & Vanguard

Below we have listed the challenges and their associated rewards in both Warzone and Vanguard for your easy-reading enjoyment. This way you can see at a glance what needs to be done, and what you will gain from doing these different tasks. Let's stop wasting your time with explanations, and instead just jump straight in...

What are the Festive Fervor Challenges & Rewards in Warzone?

Play Warzone for 7 HoursDouble XP Token
Travel 25 Miles in WarzoneDerailed Spray
Do 365 Damage to Krampus in WarzoneSkullflake Emblem
Destroy 12 Elves in WarzoneToy Gun Calling Card
Open 24 Holiday Crates in WarzoneNaughty List Emblem
Visit 8 Deck the Halls Tree Locations in WarzoneGnome Wars Calling Card

What are the Festive Fervor Challenges & Rewards in Vanguard?

Eliminate Krampus 3 TimesBattle Pass Tier Skip
Kill 10 Elf Team 6 Members Hiding in MP MapsCookie Crumbler Calling Card
Open 5 Care PackagesGift Receipt Sticker
Get 5 Kills with KillstreaksDouble XP Token
Complete 10 Matches of ArmageddonSanta's Delivery Calling Card
Complete 15 Matches on ShipmentTenembaum Charm

To garner all of the rewards listed above you need to complete their corresponding tasks. It is relatively simple to do so in most cases, though the Krampus-related ones can be a tad difficult to complete. That's okay, though, we're here to have fun, and these are all pretty fun challenges to complete, so there's no need to complain is there?

What is the Festive Fervor Event Reward?

Vanguard ol timey
The Ol' Timey Type 11 Blueprint is this year's Festive Fervor Event Reward! | © Activision

This year, the Festive Fervor Event Reward is the Ol' Timey Blueprint for the Type 11. It is a pretty awesome little holiday-themed gun that's coating in the colours of Christmas: red, green and gold! It has a pretty great setup on it, as well, though not quite as good as our ultimate setup for the Type 11. So if you want to absolutely roast the players who are using the Ol' Timey, then maybe use that one. It would be pretty ironic, after all, to defeat all these Christmassy asses with an improved version of their own weapon, wouldn't it? You could also use something else, though... like one of these...