World Series Of Warzone | How To Qualify

Call of Duty just announced the World Series of Warzone for the year 2022. A massive 600k price pool will be available this year, and this is how you can qualify for the WSOW.

World Series Of Warzone
Get ready for the World Series of Warzone. | © Activision

The World Series of Warzone will be brought back again this year. This is a tournament, where everyone can participate, yes, even you. We'll go over all the details about this event, and show you how you can register for the upcoming tournament, for your chance to take home some of the 600k available.

Note that this tournament is open for everyone, so even the CDL pros and the biggest Warzone streamer will be taking part. But who knows, maybe you and your friends can make the underdog story of a lifetime. I mean, we all love an underdog story, don't we?

World Series of Warzone: When & Where?

The World Series of Warzone will begin on the 12th of August and the final will be held on the 6th and 7th of September. You will find a breakdown of all the dates down below, so don't worry. The tournament is divided into two parts: the EU and US regions. So if you reside somewhere else on this planet, you will not be able to participate, unless you change your server location, but good luck getting a kill vs. Aydan on 100+ Ping.

If you live in the US or EU, you can take part at the tournament from home. All you need is Warzone and a console, that's it.

If you're gonna compete at that tourney, you might as well use one of these weapons.

How To Compete At The World Series Of Warzone

In the picture down below, you'll find all the dates regarding the tournament, and at what time the events will take place. All games will be streamed on Twitch, or you can just watch your favorite content creators, if they qualified for the event.

World Series of Warzone bracket
These are the deadlines for the tourny. | © Activision

This is a step-by-step guide, on how you can compete at the WSOW:

  1. Grab two teammates and sign up on Gamebattles:
    1. Sign up here for NA
    2. Sign up here for EU
  2. Play at least 10 games in the WSOW BR Trio Playlist
  3. If you manage to qualify, you'll be notified

And that's how you qualify for the WSOW. Do you have what it takes? If you think so, now is the time to prove it. Pretty sure our Call of Duty Player of the Month will also be attending this tournament.