EarlyGame Awards In Favor Of Laureus Sport for Good: Social Act of the Year 2023

The EarlyGame Awards in favor of Laureus Sport for Good Germany 2023 is not only a charity project itself, but also honors the Social Act of the Year.

Social Act of the Year
Which person/group was most social this year?

Since our EarlyGame Awards are in favor of Laureus Sport for Good Germany, a category like Social Act of the Year is extremely important to us. Many of our favorite Influencers actively advocate for the unfortunate and try to make the world a little better.

Therefore, we want to honor those who have done some good in 2022 and who have helped people.

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We are happy to be able to work with our partners Euronics, MIFCOM and fritz-kola to present you the EarlyGame Awards.

But before we tell you the rest of the candidates, remember that we are organizing the awards for a good cause and every Euro you donate will go to Laureus Sport for Good Germany.

Euronics is again partner of this year's awards. If you don't know Euronics, you're probably Gen Z, but here, just for you noobs. Also on board as a sponsor this year is MIFCOM, so if you still need a nice gaming PC, go grab it via donations which allow you to participate in our raffle with more than 15 great prices including the main prize, a SwitzerLAN VIP Edition Gaming PC, which is provided MIFCOM:

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Now it's your turn. Vote for your Social Act of the Year! Feel free to share the voting, animate your community & friends, because at the end of the day, the EarlyGame Awards are a community award, just like in the last years. Our jury will only present you the top preselected 10 candidates. For the criteria to get on this honorable list see further below.

EarlyGame Awards In Favor Of Laureus Sport for Good 2023

For everyone that wants to vote, but maybe doesn't want to donate to Laureus Sport for Good, don't worry, we got you!

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Vote for your favorite streamers and win one of 3 Lootbags, sponsored by fritz-kola

Thanks to our partners fritz-kola, we will be able to give away 3 Lootbags among everyone that participated in the vote. Voting doesn't cost you anything, so that's a free W for you!

Social Act of the Year - Criteria

If you're interested in why we chose these 10 candidates, here's a short list with a short description and of course only the most beautiful pictures (we did an Instagram deep dive):

  • as many donations as possible
  • Cool event for a good cause
  • has to do with gaming

The voting for the Social Act of the Year 2023 is now open and there can only be one. Btw, the order is random, so just don't interpret anything into it.

When will we announce the winner? On 26.02.2023 our big award show will go live!

Social Act of the Year - Nominees

Friendly Fire (Gronkh, PietSmiet & Co.)

Friendly Fire 8
Now that's what I call a large figure! | © FriendlyFire

Every year Friendly Fire returns and collects a large sum of donations for a good cause. Even the 8th time around the stream of Gronkh, Pietsmiet and Co., entertained us for 12 hours with a good mix of games and challenges.

With a solid sum of €1.102.830 we simply have to nominate this social act. It's especially cool that the collected money went to a variety of different organizations and associations.

Loot für die Welt (LeFloid, Spacefrogs & Co.)

Loot fuer die Welt
Ha, you peeked inside! | © LFDW

Another annual campaign is, of course, Loot für die Welt. This year, Berlin's influencers again diligently streamed for 36 hours, raising €334,710 in the process.

We thought it was especially cool that 2 streams were running simultaneously. One on Twitch, which was mostly filled with party games, and one on YouTube, both about gaming. So there was something for everyone and we were even more motivated to donate.


In the logo is truly a wide range of controllers | © Letsplay4Charity e.v.

Of course, great events are noteworthy, but in our opinion, a lot of applause should go to Letsplay4Charity. Throughout the year, the organization streams multiple times for a good cause.

Overall, many spectators were able to become active again and again. Therefore, we have nominated this campaign here, because it takes a lot of perseverance and vigor to score again and again!

Knossi, Capital Bra, Kontra K und Kalazh44

Knossi Co
Don't the boys look cool? | © Knossi

The last year was very much marked by the war in the Ukraine. At the beginning of the year, these 4 guys thought they wanted to get active and collected donations for emergency aid through a stream.

All three rappers have a personal connection to Ukraine, so this was especially near and dear for them. The people have also noticed that, which is why over 100,000 € came together for the campaign. To spontaneously deliver like that for a good cause simply has to be honored with a nomination!

Gaming gegen Krebs

Gaming gegen Krebs
My dog also always steals my controller | © Gaming gegen Krebs

A little ray of light can bring a lot of comfort. The Gaming gegen Krebs team thinks the same thing. Every November, they organize various streamers in a big campaign to provide dog-assisted therapy for people with cancer.

We think that such a unique initiative definitely needs to be highlighted. There is a lot of heart in this and sweet doggies, which in our opinion, everyone deserves.

Play4Water (Fabienne, Eko Fresh, Gentleman etc.)

Play4 Water
I also look like this in winter when I play games | © Esports.com

Time for some soccer! Esports.com organized together with Viva con Agua and EA Sports an event for FIFA 22. The goal was to collect donations for water well projects and clean drinking water in Ethiopia and Uganda.

It's pretty amazing that the campaign was shown on TV on ProSieben Maxx and online as a livestream on several platforms. An impressive amount of stars and influencers also participated. That's how Play4Water scored a goal with us for the nomination!


WWF Gamers Hub
So someone almost nudges the microphone with his nose due to eagerness | © WWF

As gamers, diversity is very important to us, in game genres and in nature. With that in mind, WWF has launched a collective fundraising campaign to preserve the diversity of wildlife this year.

Everyone can simply stream for the charity, no matter if big or small. In total, this idea has raised over €30,000 and the campaign is still going on, so get streaming!


Mif Com
Don't know if I think that's dope or scary | © MIFCOM

Gaming is a hobby that is not limited by country borders. MIFCOM has proven that this year, because the two CEOs are from Ukraine and Russia. At the beginning of the year, they wanted to set an example and together they created #Mifcomhilft.

With a direct line on site, the PC builder supported a local aid center in Vinnjica with donations of over €20,000. Our opinion: A strong symbol deserves a place on this list.

Fragging for Charity

Fragging for Charity
When I look at this picture, all I hear in my head is: Pew Pew! | © Riot Games

It's always cool when developers mobilize the community themselves. Riot has done this for the third time with Fragging for Charity. Since it's a huge tournament, we were all rooting for the good cause.

With almost €80,000 for a variety of organizations, this clearly shows how seriously the Valorant community takes such an event, and therefore we say hats off and here you go: A nomination!


7 Days to Charity 6
The rainbow in the logo is really magical | © 7DaysToCharity

Our final nomination goes to 7DaysToCharity, because their campaign is for children with cancer. Various participants stream a PvP match in the game 7 Days with their own new map. The whole thing is meant to entertain and collect donations for the little ones in need.

For the sixth time, this social act has now been organized, and this year has raised €24,500. As a thank you, the team posted a long video of the donation handover and exact in-depth details from the Förderkreis Bonn. Our hearts soared while watching it.

If you want to donate, now you have another chance in order to win an awesome gaming PC from MIFCOM and many other prizes: