Alinity is Back on Twitch

Alinity was once one of the most viewed streamers on Twitch, but in recent times she's not been seen. So, what happened and can we expect her back soon?

Alinity dog
Alinity is going to be back soon! | © Alinity via Twitter

Alinity was once one of the most talked about streamers on the internet. There was drama after drama and people were in uproar, no matter what she did. She was always a hot topic, but throughout the last few months we haven't heard much from her... basically anything. Why was that?

Well, Alinity hasn't actually been streaming the last few months, which is why news on her has been pretty sparse, though you can still follow up with her on Twitter since she seems to be pretty active on there.

Alinity To Start Streaming Again

Alinity has become a prominent streamer from Texas, but a few months ago, in June 2022, she sent out a few tweets indicating that she would have to take a break from streaming due to circumstances out of her control. This left everyone confused as she stated that she could not further elaborate on the issue.

I CANT I CANT I CANT it’s all I can say. It’s not up to me I hope this shit gets sorted out soon so I can come back to reacting to shitty reality tv and showing my nice cleavage on stream. Ty for listening.

So, let's fast-forward a few months and on September 12, 2022 Alinity is back with an announcement for her fans. She stated that she finally had her US work visa approved, which means that she will be able to come back to Twitch once more to stream.

She will be able to stream from the US once more and come back to her friends in Texas. She has built up a community there and is one of the biggest content creators from the state, though the last few months she's been staying in her home country of Colombia.

So, if anyone is an Alinity fan and enjoys her stream, she will be back soon in Twitch once more. No official date has been confirmed by the streamer, but we expect her to be back on the grind quite soon.