Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals List

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally here. This is the online shopping event of the summer. You can find a list of the best deals below.

Prime Day 2023 Deals
Here is the best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals list! | © EarlyGame / Amazon

Amazon Prime Day is really just an excuse to indulge in consumerism. You get a hit of dopamine and Amazon execs get to tighten their grip on global commerce. A "Cyber Monday" for the Summer.

Although Amazon Prime Day 2023 does not take place on a Monday, it takes place from Tuesday, July 11 to Wednesday, July 12. And unlike most online sales, during this "event" the vast majority of deals will only be available for an hour at a time during "lightning sales" (notice how they try and activate your sense of panic, beautiful stuff).

Of course, there are some deals that will be permanently available throughout Prime Day, and that's where we come in. In this article, we have prices and links to the best non-lightning deals available during Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Note: You need to have Amazon Prime to get any of these deals.

Best Prime Day Deals

What you have to understand about Prime Day is that it's really all about selling products manufactured by Amazon. The third-party stuff will only be available in lightning sales, and even then we aren't expecting ridiculous price-drops. But Amazon's own stuff? Now that's where you can make a real saving. And don't be put off, it's not all Echos and Fire TV sticks:


Prime Day Price / List Price


Amazon TV 4k UHD 75"

$814.48 / $1,184.98 (-34%)75" TV
Amazon TV 4k UHD 55"$489.48 / $634.98 (-23%)55" TV
Fire TV Stick 4k 2-Year Protection Plan$26.48 / $54.98 (-52%)

Fire Stick

Fire TV Cube 2-Year Protection Plan$122.58 / $157.98 (-22%)Fire Cube
Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet$164.99 / $244.99 (-33%)Fire Tablet
Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Clock & Smart Light Bulb*$29.99 / $74.98 (-60%)Echo Dot Bundle
Kindle Paperwhite$162.97 / $257.97 (-37%)Kindle
Kindle Scribe$349.97 / $499.97 (-30%)Kindle Scribe
Ring Video Doorbell & Echo Show 5**$64.99 / $189.98 (-66%)Ring Bundle
Echo Frames (sunglasses with a built in speaker)$169.99 / $269.99 (-37%)Echo Frames

*The Echo Dots are only available as part of bundles with smart light bulbs during Amazon Prime Day 2023.

**The Ring doorbells are only available as part of bundles with Amazon Echo Show 5s.

And those are the best deals we know about so far, but we will update this article throughout the course of the sale. We hope you found our Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals list helpful (and if you love a bargain check this out too).

Hopefully one of these beauties goes on sale over the course of Prime Day 2023:

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