Stranger Things Creators Announce Death Note Series

Death Note is getting another adaption, this time brought to us by the creators responsible for Stranger Things. Here's what we know.

Death note stranger things
A new Death Note, courtesy of the Stranger Things masterminds. | © Death Note

Stranger Things is a great show. So is Death Note. Each represents the pinnacle of their genre in their respective worlds: Live-action and anime. Now, Death Note is set to, yet again, cross over into live-action: The Stranger Things creators announced that their next project is a Death Note live-action series. Excited? Worried? I'm both...

New Live Action Death Note Series Announced

So... all the previous live-action adaptions of Death Note were absolute trash. Just wanted to make that clear. With that in mind, I have little faith that this one is going to be any different, but what little faith I have is that the Stranger Things folks are behind it. After all, Stranger Things season 4 broke all these records for a reason: It's insanely good.

The question is whether the Stranger Things devs can work that same magic on Death Note. The Duffer brothers (said creators) just launched their own production company, Upside Down Pictures, and Death Note is their first confirmed project - along with some Stranger Things spin-offs.

For now, the Duffer brothers deserve the benefit of the doubt, simply due to what they were able to accomplish with Stranger Things, but one can only hope that this one stays faithful to the anime and manga, just like HBO's the Last of Us is doing in regards to the game. Some works of art are perfect as they are, and all they need is a faithful port for new audience to enjoy the mastery.