My Hero Academia Battle Royale Is Here

My Hero Academia is getting a battle royale: My Hero Ultra Rumble. Here's everything we know.

My hero academia ultra rumble battle royale
I'm not getting my hopes up... | © My Hero Ultra Rumble

Ok... this is one of those games that's either gonna crap the bed so hard, that it ain't even gonna be fun to joke about, or.... it'll be good. There's no middle ground. There's no 'ok'. This is all or nothing, and anime-gaming-history has taught us to err on the side of noting, but goddamn... a My Hero Academia battle royale? I need this to be good...

My Hero Academia Battle Royale Coming

The name of the game is My Hero Ultra Rumble, which already sounds terrible, and the game has just started its closed beta on the PS4. As is the case in battle royales, it's every hero for himself, except here, the field is limited to 24, and it's all about quirks rather than guns. As someone who's long been demanding a melee battle royale, this has got me excited. This video though.... has me worried:

I mean... I'm playing Diablo Immortal on my phone right now, and that legit looks better. These are trash graphics right here, and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. On the bright side, the game is only in beta, but I'll be damned... that time better be put to good use.

On the plus side, the game will be free when it launches for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The closed beta will take place on August 17, 18 and the 21st, and there are no specifics on the full release date yet. If My Hero Ultra Rumble turns out to be trash though... we at least have this Seven Deadly Sins game to look forward to, which actually looks legit.