You Can Now Live At Disney. Seriously. Like... For Real.

Disney is launching communities that fans can live in, so that they never have to leave the Disney experience. Yup, not making this up.
Disney cotino community
I mean... I wouldn't exactly say no. | © Disney

Alright, so this is not your average piece of news. Get this: Disney is working to build planned communities, that are inspired by its theme park, which are built for people to live in, so that they can constantly be immersed in Disney. The name? Storyliving by Disney. Give that marketing department a medal, goddammit, that's a good a** name, for a creepy a** fantasy.

Storyliving By Disney

Storyliving by Disney [is a residential community] designed to be the perfect setting for Disney fans to write the next exciting chapter in their lives.

The communities will reportedly go for a "small town" vibe, with the "beauty of a resort", and the first ones will be built in California, near Palm Springs – the former home of Walt Disney himself. The first community will be named Cotino and will come with 1900 housing units, made up of single-family homes, condos and large estates. Aside from that, there will be a hotel, businesses, restaurants, and a lagoon.

As for the Disney-entertainment: Residents can attend Disney-themed activities all year round. According to Disney, "every single element of these communities will be steeped in a story." Residents are actively participating in that story, but it was not clarified what exactly that means? VR? Metaverse? Mickey tackling you out of nowhere? Day-pass events, that you can join, like in a video game? It's all unclear, but it all sounds super fascinating and super creepy at the same time.