Disney+ Kills Off New Show After Just One Season

After only one season, Disney+ already cancels a new show! From release to the last episode ever, it took less than a whole month.

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Only one season and already canceled. | © Disney

The first episode aired on April 19th in 2023, and it's season 1 finale on May 17th of the same year will close the chapter forever after being released for less than a month. Internationally, the show is available on Disney+ and in the United States on CBS – and soon it potentiallywas available.

The show follows Harry (Steve Howey) and his wife Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) as she makes a shocking discovery.

She is a language professor and petty bored with her day-to-day life, until she uncovers her husband as a first-class spy working for U.S. intelligence agency Omega Sector. Now that the secret he kept not only from her but from their three teenage children is out in the open, Omega decides to recruit Helen as well. Now they both have a secret to keep.

Already guessed the show? Maybe it does sound familiar, since True Lies is based on James Cameron's hit movie with the same name from 1994. If it doesn't ring a bell – well, that seems to be part of the problem.

While True Lies seems to have a stable audience, it is a small audience. Apparently too small for Disney+ and CBS to continue the series.

Have a look at the show and decide for yourself if Disney+ and CBS were right to cancel it – or if it was a mistake.

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