Disney's Speedstorm Crossplay: How To Enable And Disable It

Disney Speedstorm is a mobile racing game developed by Gameloft. The game features popular Disney and Pixar characters such as Lightning McQueen, Elsa, and Buzz Lightyear. Players can race in various tracks inspired by different Disney and Pixar worlds.

Disney speedstorm image
A racing game with Disney characters. It's pretty simple. | © Gameloft

Are you a fan of Disney and Pixar characters and enjoy racing games? Then Disney Speedstorm is the perfect game for you! This game brings together various Disney and Pixar characters to compete in thrilling races. However, if you're wondering whether Disney Speedstorm has crossplay, this article has got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Disney Speedstorm crossplay, including how to play with your friends on different platforms.

Is Disney Speedstorm Crossplay?

Yes, Disney Speedstorm has crossplay functionality, which means you can play with your friends on different platforms. Whether you're on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you can easily connect with your friends and race together.

How Does Disney Speedstorm Crossplay Work?

Every player has a unique ID code that you can share with your friends to add them to your Gameloft friends list. Once they're on your list, you can invite them to a party and race together. If your friends are on the same platform as you, you can pull them directly into your game from the friends list.

To use the crossplay feature, you need to make sure you have your Gameloft account linked so you can access the friends list whenever you want. Once you're set up, you should not have to deal with any issues.

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In conclusion, Disney Speedstorm has crossplay functionality, and you can play with your friends on different platforms. This feature is enabled by default, and you can utilize the in-game friends list to connect with your friends.

Now that you know all about Disney Speedstorm crossplay, you can race with your friends and enjoy the game to the fullest. Don't forget to check out our Disney Speedstorm characters list guide and free guide for more details about the game. Also, keep an eye out for when Disney Speedstorm is heading to PlayStation and Xbox consoles later this year.

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