Everything Everywhere All at Once Directors Working On Upcoming Star Wars Series

After their huge success at the Oscars, Daniel Kwan and Scheinert have reportedly been hired by Disney to direct the upcoming show Star War: Skeleton Crew.

Skeleton Crew
Disney plans to expand the Star Wars franchise into new horizons | © Disney

This year's Oscars were dominated by the work of two directors called Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Their movie Everything Everywhere All At Once conquered a whopping 10 categories, including Best Film, making everyone excited about the duo's future projects. Regarding that, reports indicate that the two of them will be directing Disney's upcoming series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

One Take News was the first news outlet to report, that the duo was set to direct at least one episode of the upcoming Star Wars show.

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It sounds kind of silly having the two of them only direct one episode, but apparently that is all that has been “confirmed” so far and Lucas Film refused to comment on the matter so far.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Set To Be Directed By Oscar Winning Duo

Looking at the Star Wars franchise, there have been hype releases like The Mandalorian, but also less exciting ones like Boba Fett.

Whether Skeleton Crew is going to be the former or the latter is still not sure, but with two accomplished directors, there are a lot of expectations building up for this one.

The two Daniels aren't the only stars, though, as Jude Law will be joining the cast, together with some younger actors (which will be relevant with regard to the plot).

There is no exact release date yet, but we're expecting the show to release at some point late in 2023, or early 2024.

Regarding the plot, we know that the show is set around five years after Return of the Jedi, which places it around the same time as the first season of The Mandalorian.

There actually is an open world Star Wars game coming, so soon you'll be able to explore the galaxy far, far away for yourself:

The show will revolve around a group of young kids, that get sucked into a galactic adventure, trying to find their way home.

This may sound like a kid's show waiting to happen, but don't worry, creator Jon Watts assured fans that this “will not be a kid’s show.”

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