Fans Jump On IShowSpeed's Car As IRL Stream In Scotland Escalates

Popular streamer IShowSpeed went to Scotland and, of course, took his audience with him in an IRL stream. Lots of fans were on site, though, jumping on his car and swarming in from all sides.

I Show Speed Scotland 1
Speed's IRL stream in Scotland escalates. │© IShowSpeed

Darren "IShowSpeed" Watkins has had a hard time recently. After countless mishaps and health issues, a vacation seems well-overdue. Scotland seems like a nice destination, right?

Rocking the Scottish kilt, Speed recently shared his time in Scotland on YouTube, meeting some fans and having fun in his usual energetic way. That's until at the end of the stream, when he gets back in his car and his fans went nuts.

  • Sadly, Speed's banned from Twitch. Here are other streamers to support with your Prime Sub coming with your free-trial.

Fans Jump on Speed's Car, Swarm Him From All Sides

After spending some time with his Scottish fans, Speed got back into his car with his team, but the Scots hadn't had enough of Speed: they surround the car, jumping on top of it, and demanding even more time with the streamer.

You can watch the scenes yourself in his VOD – the whole situation starts around the 1:15:00 mark. Or maybe skip it if you're easily triggered by kids not giving a damn about anything but Speed.

"Scotland's lit!" is Speed's reaction to the situation, but his team doesn't seem that relaxed at the prospect of kids hurting themselves in their euphoria. Luckily, no one seems to have been injured as the driver managed to get them out of the situation.

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