Female Streamer Reveals How A Terrifying Stan Set A Church On Fire

FaZe Kalei recently revealed the weirdest and creepiest thing someone online has said to her.

FaZe Kalei reveals her most terrifying fan. | © KaleiRenay

Female streamers on Twitch have to deal with the absolute worst fans out there! From creepy stalkers, to arsonists, sexist DM's and more, pretty much every woman on Twitch has a story to tell. So when a fellow streamer asked about creepy interactions, it's no surprise that FaZe Kalei had an insane story to tell!

FaZe Kalei is one of the most well-known female creators in FaZe Clan. Known for her distinctive style marked by jet black hair, heavy winged eyeliner, and a septum piercing, she is the ultimate edgy goth gamer-girl. She's unapologetically herself, and she's standing out in the gaming community with her unique persona.

FaZe Kalei Talks About a Creepy Fan Claiming She Was A Witch

On July 10, Twitter user and Kick streamer Wittlebears asked female streamers about “the weirdest/creepiest thing someone’s ever said to you in your stream or DM’s”. She really wanted that CreepyPasta type of stuff that “that absolutely made [them] uncomfortable”.

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If you ever wondered how bad it can get to be a woman on the internet, that's the thread.

One of the women responding was FaZe Kalei, who delivered an absolutely insane story! Apparently, a fan of hers claimed that she was a witch and that she and her mother “were in immediate danger from spirits”.

That's already pretty crazy, but after she (obviously) blocked his attempts to reach out to her, he didn't really stop.

Kalei therefore decided to address the situation on stream, where one of her viewers recognized the guy and pulled up multiple articles on him dating back to around a year before all of this started.

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Apparently, this dude “was arrested because he burnt down a church and claimed he had visions of the priest doing bad things”.

Good thing Kalei didn't respond to him, but that story is absolutely insane!

The responses to her tweet pretty much all point out how absolutely unhinged this was, and Kalei herself mentioned how she plans to make a video addressing the situation.

What is it with creepy fans being arsonists?

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