"I Rather Just Have A Real Job": OnlyFans Model Comments On Her Career End

Ex OnlyFans model Dasha Daley revealed how switching jobs impacted her life.

OF Model Quits
OnlyFans was not the way to go for this creator | © Dasha Daley

The former OnlyFans model Dasha Daley recently explained why she quit doing content on the platform and how doing a “normal job” has made her way happier.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the site, OnlyFans is an online subscription-based platform that allows content creators to share exclusive content with their fans. It gained a lot of traction during the pandemic and became mostly known for its explicit content, with many creators making a sh*tload of money on the platform.

Because of how much money Influencers could potentially make off of people (like their fanbase from a different platform like Twitch, Instagram, or TikTok), a lot of influencers and content creators have decided to join the platform.

Now we have the story of a former OnlyFans creator that decided to leave the platform to find purpose in a “normal job”.

Why Dasha Daley Left OnlyFans

In the last couple of years, it has become somewhat normal to hear about people leaving their boring 9-5 to pop off on OnlyFans to make bank.

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Now we have the opposite story of an OnlyFans model switching back to a “normal job”, feeling much happier and fulfilled even though she gets less money for more work.

In the caption of her TikTok, the former content creator explained: “I work 10 hours for such little money, yet I am happier... being a content creator gets lonely and boring.”

She then goes on to detail her experience after leaving OnlyFans behind, focusing on a typical 9-5.

“Honestly, I’m really tired but I just feel so fulfilled that I’ve actually got a normal job again…I rather just have a real job and actually feel like I’ve got a purpose, you know.”


I work 10 hours for such little money yet I am happier... being a content creator gets lonely and boring

original sound - Dasha

Obviously, the statement about OnlyFans not being a real job is bound to get some people riled up, while others might agree.

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In the comments, you had both points of view represented, with some people arguing that “working for someone else sucks. Work for yourself”, kinda urging her to pick up the camera once more.

Others supported her decision (even though some did for the wrong reasons) with most of them just wishing her the best.

Content creation is not as easy a job as it is made out to be:

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