Asmongold Slams "Idiots" Who Believe In Astrology

Asmongold gives his take on astrology believers. Spoiler alert! He's not into astrology

Asmongold talks kick
Asmongold mocks astrology believers | © Asmongold

During a recent livestream, Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" Hoyt gave his take on people who believe in astrology. His final verdict? "F*cking Stupid".

Asmongold is well known for his unfiltered and passionate approach, fearlessly expressing his thoughts on topics, often sparking lively debates among his viewers. With a mix of humor, wit, and a touch of sarcasm, he creates an entertaining and engaging atmosphere for his community.

Recently, the popular streamer has been bashing out hot takes left and right and has now decided to give his opinion on astrology believers.

With astrology, people belief system that there's a connection between celestial phenomena and human personality traits and life events. So they think that the positions and movements of things like the sun, moon, and planets, at the time of a person's birth have an impact on our daily lives.

Asmongold Goes Off At Astrology Believers

On May 21, 2023, Asmongold was streaming on his alt account zackrawrr, when he stumbled upon a post on his community Subreddit. The post was a meme making fun of astrology, and it seems like Asmongold agrees, as it triggered a full-blown rant about the topic.

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“Look, anybody who believes in astrology is a f**king idiot. I mean, like, is there anybody who actually doesn’t think that? I mean, come on, it’s f**king stupid. I mean, really, it’s an instant red flag."

“I’ve never met somebody that believes in astrology seriously and makes logical decisions or makes good decisions about anything in their life, you know?"

Kind of funny, because Asmon is a Taurus, and that's just such a Taurus thing to do and say! We all know this sign has strong traits of honesty and mental tenacity, so him always speaking his mind and not caring about the backlash totally aligns with his sign!

Asmongold has been involved in all kinds of controversy, and even got banned by Blizzard at some point:

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