Popular Streamer Outshines Kai Cenat With Crazy HypeTrain Record

EliasN97 once again establishes himself as Germany's top streamer and breaks the world record for the biggest HypeTrain on Twitch.

Elias N97
Eli completely sweeps the board with his 24h streaming week! | © EliasN97

Elias "EliasN97" Nerlich is the biggest German streamer and for good reason! Eligella has now made it clear to everyone again when he set a new Twitch HypeTrain world record with his 24h streaming week.

EliasN97 became known as a FIFA esports player, but the Berlin native is now also a businessman, influencer, YouTuber and Germany's top streamer. He now streams various games on Twitch, providing entertainment with challenges, bets and tournaments.

His latest challenge? Streaming continuously for a week.

EliasN97 Breaks World Record With Marathon Stream

Eli has been live for 15 hours and has already set an all-time record. At 1:22 a.m., he broke the world record for the highest HypeTrain on Twitch.

A Twitch HypeTrain is a feature where viewers support the streamer through subscriptions, donations, and chat interactions. An animated progress bar indicates the HypeTrain level, which is associated with various rewards and special emotes. The higher the level, the more exciting and rewarding the HypeTrain becomes for streamers and subscribers.

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Eli surpasses other Twitch stars like Kai Cenat who holds the record for the most simultaneous subscribers with his Subathon.

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