Adriana Chechik Has To Move Because Of Nonstop Swatting Incidents

After all the recent drama, Adriana Chechik is forced to move due to excessive swatting.

The former adult film star Adriana Chechik has been met with non-stop swatting incidents, prompting her to consider moving.

If you don't know what swatting is, it's a messed up practice, in which people make fake emergency calls to law enforcement, typically reporting a fabricated threat or crime at someone else's location. The idea is to provoke an armed response, such as a SWAT team, to the victim's address.

Swatting incidents are meant to harass, intimidate, or cause harm to individuals and often result in a significant waste of police resources and put the victim's life at risk.

Adriana Chechik Forced To Move As Serial Swatting Continues

Swatting is a problem many streamers deal with, but recently it has gotten out of hand, especially for Adriana Chechik.

In a Twitter post, the 31-year-old went off on the people responsible for this, addressing the situation.

"Y’all suck so hard I’m gonna have to move with this swatting shit. Grow up. U are literally taking police who should be helping ppl and having them swat me? 8x and 4x for firefighters to come is beyond childish"

The situation has gotten so bad, that Chechik is genuinely thinking of moving from her house. To be fair, 12 swatting incidents is absolutely insane!

The streamer is also considering hiring a lawyer, to sue the people responsible and even the city for their inadequate response to the situation. This is probably the smarter reaction, as moving would only delay her getting swatted again.

But who would go so far as to non-stop swat Adriana Chechik? Well, recently Chechik has been involved in some drama, including Amouranth (who she called out for being a total b*tch).

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Later on, she revealed that two other female streamers, TheDanDangler & Indiefoxx, have been conspiring to take down Amouranth, by mass-reporting her channel.

This might have been what has gotten her into trouble, as she recently called out a lot of people for their bullsh*t. And while we doubt that Amouranth riled up her fan base, it is entirely possible that some others did.

Some people are just trashy human beings. Like that guy who stalked a poor streamer before getting arrested by the police:

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