Jake Paul Has Finally Lost It

So... Jake Paul is calling out Canelo. He really wants to fight the - currently - best boxer in the world, and here's why.

Jake paul canelo
It's this big, I swear. | © Jake Paul, YouTube

So, let's get the typical Jake Paul bla-bla out the way first: He's "beyond ready" to fight Canelo. "I beat Canelo Alvarez" - etc, etc. It's silly, but I can't argue that it's effective, because... here I am, writing about it. Still... who does Jake Paul, winner of a string of low profile fights, think he is to call out one of the greatest boxers of all time? How and under which circumstances, and when exactly does Jake plan to fight Canelo? We got the answers.

Jake Paul Wants to Fight Canelo

After beating washed-out MMA fighters, Jake Paul thinks he's ready for the big leagues: He thinks Canelo should be next on his list of victims. More specifically, Jake Paul wants to fight Canelo in the next two years, and, more surprisingly, Canelo actually said he would consider fighting Jake Paul down the line. Of course Canelo is more or less looking at Jake Paul as a nice little retirement cashout, but Jake claims he's knocking out former world champions in sparring, and that he's ready to go.

Well... before he gets to fight an active boxing legend, Jake is gonna toss it up with a former MMA legend: Anderson Silva - who could be argued to be the UFC's greatest ever - is gonna step into the ring with Jake Paul at the end of October. But... Anderson Silva is almost a decade past his prime and, should Jake Paul pull this off, it'd be another fossil on his record, and a far cry from the threat Canelo would pose. But hey, as I said in our interview with Jake... he can't run from me forever either...