Will Kim Kardashian Be In The New Spider-Man Movie?

Who would have thought we would ever get to see Kim Kardashian in a Spandex suit. I mean outside of her Instagram posts, or some Gala events. Yep, we're talking about a Hollywood blockbuster and a full on superhero suit.

Thumbnail T Kim K
Kim Kardashian might join the MCU | © Kim Kardashian, Marvel Studios

Kim Kardashian sure is good at making headlines. Normally it is because of some stupid Drama regarding her relationship with Pete Davidson, or her ex-husband Kanye West, who's posts on Instagram are btw. hilarious.

This time she expressed her interest to join the MCU during an interview with Interview Magazine. Should she really be featured in the MCU, Cap got some serious competition for his title as America's ass.

It might just be rumors, but Kim proved, that she knows how to work in front of a camera. Even though in that case, it wouldn't be just a home video production.

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But jokes aside, Kim didn't say she was actually pursuing a career in acting, but regardless is open to it, should the opportunity present itself. People might be thinking, that this is just a stupid joke by Kim Kardashian, but Megan Thee Stallion already had a little cameo in the MCU's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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An appearance by Kim K. could actually be canon in the MCU, as a Kimberly Kardashian actually plays a role in Spider-Man: A Meal to Die For #1. In the Comic, she is a VIP guest in the Kitchen Warriors chef competition, which was then crashed by Mysterio.

So Kim Kardashian is actually canon in the MCU, who would have thought?

For Marvel, it might just be a smart move, to give Kim her small cameo, as the media attention she gets would probably boost ticket sales. On the other hand, I'm sure fans, would have mixed feelings about it, as Kim Kardashian is not exactly one of the most liked celebrities. Probably because mostly she is famous for her relationship Drama recently.

Regardless, I think it's funny, that her simply talking about being open about an appearance in an MCU movie prompts this kind of media attention. Kinda crazy. I mean, I would freakin join the MCU with a cameo or something, but if I said it, nobody would give a damn.