Lord of the Rings: Deleted Scene Shows Aragorn Fighting Sauron - Why It was Removed From The Movie?

A cut scene from the Lord of the Rings movie has just surfaced on the web featuring an incredible fight between Aragorn and Sauron. We will try to explain why it was finally removed from the movie.

Aragorn lord of the rings movie deleted scene
Aragorn is a skilled ranger, rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, and displays strong loyalty and duty. | © New Line Cinema

The Battle of Dagorlad was a critical moment in Middle-earth's history, and it marked the final battle of the Last Alliance between Sauron's orcs and the armies of Gil-galad and Elendil. Sauron emerged to fight, but he was ultimately defeated by Isildur, who took the One Ring from him.

Centuries later, Aragorn and Gandalf's quest to destroy the One Ring culminated in the War of the Ring, with Sauron's premature attack on Minas Tirith and his defeat at the Black Gate.

Why This Scene Was Removed From The Lord of the Rings Movie

However, a deleted scene from The Lord of the Rings nearly made the climactic confrontation even more dramatic. Aragorn, leading his armies to the Black Gate, was supposed to face Sauron himself in an epic showdown. But director Peter Jackson decided to cut the scene because it would have distracted from Frodo's mission to destroy the One Ring.

While the scene's removal was justified, it also serves to highlight Sauron's cowardice. Sauron had a history of avoiding direct confrontations and preferred to use his minions as pawns while commanding his armies from the rear.

This is evident in how he hid from Morgoth's wrath during the First Age and refused to fight in the War of Wrath, as well as how he tried to weather a seven-year siege during the War of the Last Alliance.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Sauron would have fought Aragorn directly. Instead, he would have sent out his forces first and hoped to overwhelm Aragorn's smaller army before putting himself in harm's way. By cutting the Aragorn vs. Sauron scene, Peter Jackson ensured that Sauron's cowardice was accurately portrayed.

While the deleted scene of Aragorn vs. Sauron would have made for an exciting climax, its removal was the right decision. It would have taken away from Frodo's mission to destroy the One Ring and distracted viewers from the central conflict.

Moreover, it would have been uncharacteristic of Sauron to fight directly, given his history of avoiding confrontations. By cutting the scene, Peter Jackson accurately portrayed Sauron's cowardice, making for a more realistic and compelling story.