Local Newspaper Casually Leaks New Resident Evil Movie

A local newspaper accidentally just leaked the new Resident Evil movie because they were so proud that it would be filmed in their town. This is adorable, but also very exciting for fans of the RE franchise.

Resident Evil Racoon City
The last Resident Evil movie, Welcome To Racoon City, was also filmed in the town of Sudbury. | © Sony

Tons of movies set in the US are actually filmed in Canada. It's cheaper to film in Canada, and the country is ecologically diverse enough to represent almost any natural environment. In fact, the last Resident Evil film, "Welcome To Racoon City", was filmed in Canada, in the town of Sudbury.

The town of Sudbury isn't famous for much else, and so you can understand how proud they of appearing in Hollywood blockbusters. The local newspaper, the Sudbury Local, got maybe a little too excited recently, however.

The town's residents were informed that the next Resident Evil film would also be filmed in Sudbury, and the Sudbury Local immediately announced it. Take that Hollywood Reporter!

Resident Evil Movie "Umbrella Chronicles" To Begin Shooting In Sudbury, Canada

The new live-action Resident Evil movie was just announced by The Sudbury Local, and is currently being referred to as project "Umbrella Chronicles". For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Umbrella Chronicles was the name of a 2007 Resident Evil game.

As the Sudbury Local write:

Although no details are provided, “The Umbrella Chronicles” is a Resident Evil video game, and the 2021 movie, “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City,” was filmed in Sudbury. The production company behind the “Umbrella Chronicles” movie is Raccoon HG Film Productions, which was behind the Sudbury-filmed Resident Evil movie.

So, we really don't have much more info for you guys at this point, but expect a live-action version of the Umbrella Chronicles to be released at some point in the next 2–3 years. Exciting?

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