Ninja Believes In Kick Like He Believed In Mixer...

Ninja has expressed his optimism about the potential success of Trainwreck's streaming platform Kick, citing its ease of use and responsive support staff as advantages over the now-defunct Mixer, which suffered from slow decision-making and bureaucracy.

Ninja Believes In Kick Like He Believed In Mixer... | © Instagram

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, one of the most popular streamers in the world, has shared his thoughts on Trainwreck's new streaming platform, Kick. Ninja's career was thrown into uncertainty when Mixer unexpectedly shut down in 2020, but he eventually moved back to his former home at Twitch. Since then, he has been keeping an eye on the streaming industry, and he thinks that Kick has a lot of potential.

Kick and Mixer are different streaming platforms. Kick is backed by Stake while Mixer was owned by Microsoft. Kick has been praised for its responsive support staff and quick turnaround times, while Mixer was said to be slow to make changes and get things done. Kick offers a 95/5 sub-revenue split, whereas Mixer's revenue sharing model was not as transparent. It is too early to tell how Kick's user base will compare to Mixer's, but Mixer had a loyal following of viewers and creators before it shut down.

Ninja Believes In Kick Like He Believed In Mixer...

During the stream, BeardedBlevins asked Ninja why he thinks Kick can succeed where Mixer failed, pointing out the difference in financial backing between the two platforms. Kick is backed by Stake, while Mixer was owned by Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world.

Ninja responded that the issue with Mixer was the bureaucracy involved in getting things done.

There was like 80 different billion people that had to reach out to somebody else, who had to reach out to somebody else, etc. to get confirmation to change anything.

He added that his moderators spent a lot of time trying to communicate with Mixer employees to make improvements to the platform, but found it difficult to get anything accomplished.

In contrast, Ninja noted that Kick's support staff and employees have received positive feedback from creators around the world. Many have been able to quickly and easily get in touch with them for name changes and verification requests. Kick also has the potential for streamers to make a substantial amount of money, thanks to its 95/5 sub-revenue split. According to Ninja, this split could lead to a "life-changing" amount of money for streamers who use the platform.

While it remains to be seen whether Kick will become the next big thing in the streaming world, Ninja's endorsement could certainly help to boost its profile.

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