Outlander Season 8 | Everything We Know So Far

After almost a decade, Outlander season 8 is set to conclude the dramatic love story. Here is everything we know about the upcoming final season.

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When is Outlander season 8 coming out? | © Starz

Drawing inspiration from Diana Gabaldon's book series, Outlander has garnered immense acclaim. The books already enjoyed a quite the fanbase, but the TV adaptation introduced the story to a completely new audience, immersing them in medieval Scotland's intrigues.

The narrative centers on Claire Randall, a WWII nurse, who is mysteriously sent back in time and finds herself in the year 1743 amidst rebel Highlanders. Given their perilous lives, her nursing skills quickly become invaluable, and don't forget the good-looking hunk who shows interest in her.

The love-interest in question is called Jamie Fraser, an extraordinarily striking Highlander. Suddenly, returning to her 20th-century husband doesn't seem as urgent. Can't wait for the drama to continue in Outlander season 8!

Outlander Season 8: Release Date

Hold your horses! Season 7 isn't even completely released yet and you're already asking for season 8?

Well, good news first: Season 8 has already been confirmed and is surely going to conclude the series in an epic finale.

Bad news: there's no release date for season 8 yet.

Other good news: we still have eight more episodes of season 7 before even thinking about season 8 and the end of the show. Part 2 of season 7 is set to release in 2024, with no exact release date to be reported yet.

Filming has wrapped in February though, so there's no need to worry about any strikes getting in the way of our favorite Scottish crew.

The fact that season 7 shouldn't be impacted by the strike sadly doesn't mean season 8 won't be. Caitriona Balfe (who plays Claire in the show) has already confirmed the fears of the writers' strike affecting production of Outlander's season 8.

As much as it pains me to say as a highly impatient person, this could mean that season 8 may release in 2026 if not even later. Give me Haggis or something to get the Scottish fix I crave so much!

Outlander Will Continue With A Spin-Off Series

Outlander Claire Jamie
Let's see if a spin-off can top their story. | © Starz

Leaving Claire and Jamie behind after years of rooting for them surely won't be easy, but there's another thing to look forward to that should dull the pain. Starz has already greenlit the spin-off series "Blood of my Blood" which will tell a whole other love story: the one of Jamie's parents.

Not only will Blood of my Blood explore the romance of Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser (for which I will be forever thankful because it gave us Jamie), there's also the chance of getting a look at kid-Jamie. In Season 1, Jamie already gave a quick re-telling of the story, but seeing it unfold in all its glory surely is something to get excited about.

Author Diana Gabaldon revealed she is working on a book about Brian and Ellen as well, helping the showrunners out with ideas for the spin-off.

For now, there's nothing more to do than sit out the Droughtlander-phase. We'll keep you posted!

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