'Predator' Prequel 'Prey' Will Skip Cinemas, Go Straight To Streaming

Prey will be coming to streaming services - skipping cinemas entirely - in a move that has angered some.
Prey banner
Prey is hitting streaming services on August 5. | © 20th Century Studios

News that the Predator franchise, which now spans six films, was getting a seventh - a prequel set 300 years ago in Commanche Nation - was met with a surprising amount of goodwill.

Surprising, because the series has long failed to live up to its treasured roots with a series of lackluster sequels, re-imaginings, and crossovers. But news that the latest film, titled Prey, would be taking the series back in time to long before Arnie went toe-to-toe with the intergalactic hunter, with a Native American woman in the lead no-less, has many curious about how such a story could play out.

But news that the film, directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane's Dan Trachtenberg would be going straight to streaming services has angered some.

Prey Will Head Straight To Streaming Services

Unlike previous Predator films, Prey will be skipping a cinema release entirely. Instead, in the US, premiering on Hulu on August 5. Outside the US. the film will be a Star+ Original on Disney+.

News that a franchise, that screams big-budget action movie to its fans, would not be on the big screen, sourced the announcement for some. Writer and reviewer, Jack Bottomley, a self-confessed fan of the series, said that while he was "looking forward to this" he wished "this one was receiving a cinema release." One fan simply tweeted: "Prey should be in CINEMAS!"

Others saw the benefit of it being a Hulu exclusive, especially if you are Hulu.

"Hey @AppleTVPlus Hulu said down the gauntlet with that #Prey trailer. When are you guys going to respond?"

Prey is looking to freshen up a franchise that had become stale in recent years and particular attention is being given to the Commanche Nation setting. The cast is almost entirely composed of Native American and First Nation actors and Jhane Myers, a Comanche and Blackfeet American Indian is producing.

The film, set 300 years ago, follows Naru, a skilled female warrior of the Commanche Nation, who fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

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