Prime Recalled Over Health Concerns: Should You Stop Drinking KSI's And Logan Paul's Energy Drink?

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Energy has been taken off the shelves by Health Canada.

Prime energy
Logan Paul and KSI go hard for their advertisement | © Prime Energy

Logan Paul and KSI don't always make the best or smartest decisions. But they're still highly successful businessmen, and recently both signed a big deal with the UFC. They might have taken things a little too far though with their Prime Energy drink, as the Canadian government has decided to pull the product from the shelves, because of serious health concerns.

Logan Paul and KSI are two YouTubers turned boxers that have both been around for a while now. Their relationship for a long time has been defined by rivalry, starting from a diss track war in 2017 and ending with two high-profile amateur boxing matches in 2018 and 2019.

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Now, the two long time rivals have become business partners, launching their wildly successful Prime Hydration and Prime Energy drinks.

Canada Recalls Prime Energy Drink Because Of Health Concerns

With a whopping 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving, Prime Energy easily trumps the caffeine levels of competitors like Red Bull (80 milligrams per serving) and Monster Energy (160 milligrams per serving).

Turns out, that's a little too much caffeine for the Canadian government, as they issued a recall of the product, “due to various noncompliances related to caffeine content and labelling requirements”.

Previously, the popular energy drink has been labelled as a “serious health concern” by US Senator Charles Schumer and there have been reports of a young student in Wales suffering a “cardiac episode” after drinking a can of Prime Energy.

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So yeah, it sure looks like the Canadian government's concerns are warranted, despite a Prime Hydration representative claiming that their product contains comparable levels of caffeine to other competitors.

For Prime to get back on the market, they would have to reduce the caffeine levels to match the limit set by Health Canada, which is 180 milligrams per serving. Until then, Canadian fans will have to wait for the popular energy drink to return.

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