New Star Trek Show Is In The Making

Star Trek has been part of the cool mainstream ever since its revival on the big screen. Now, we're getting a brand-new Star Trek show, focusing on the cadets.

Starfleet academy
She will return. | © Star Trek Discovery

I like Star Trek. I never vibed with it too much in the 90s, but, honestly, I liked the new movies. I don't know if that's a big no-no to hardcore fans, because it's me being a bandwagoner, but hey... that's the way it is. I'm only saying this because I'm hyped for the reveal of a new big-budget Star Trek show, and I'm certain that in this regard, me and old-school Trekkies share the same opinion.

Starfleet Academy Coming to Paramount+

The new show will focus on the cadets, as they are mentored for leadership roles in the United Federation of Planets space force. The news was first revealed at Deadline, who have confirmed that the show is in development at CBS Studios.

Story-wise, the show will follow Section 31, and see Michelle Yeoh come back as Philippa Georgiou. Aside from that, it was revealed that there is another Star Trek show in development that is yet to be revealed, since the bigger picture is to really flesh out a Star Trek universe. Here's what the show's creator had to say about that:

"We have to think several years out,” Kurtzman said. “We’re thinking about knowing we’ll want new shows on the air two or three years from now so we have to start planning those now. There’s a bunch of things in development now that are starting to take shape and we’re super excited about it."

One of those Star Trek shows is premiering on Paramount+ on May 5: Strange New Worlds, which revolves around the U.S.S. Enterprise years before Captain Kirk. As for Starfleet Academy, we don't have a release date yet, but we can look forward to a lot of Star Trek over the next couple of years.