Sequel To "The Batman" Announced

Matt Reeves' recent superhero flick "The Batman" was not only a fantastic movie, but a box office smash-hit. Unsurprisingly, it's officially getting a sequel.

The batman 2 announced
The Batman 2 has officially been unmasked... | © Warner Bros.

Robert Pattinson will return for a second Matt Reeves Batman film, DC has now confirmed. To no one's surprise, The Batman made a ton of money, spreading like wildfire through cinemas and bringing Pattinson's first Batman movie to audiences incredibly quickly and with a whole lotta love.

We absolutely raved about the original film when it came out, calling it a "Neon Ballroom Masterpiece" in our review back in March. We stand by that opinion and, to be honest, are incredibly excited to check out The Batman again on whatever streaming platform it's coming to... but there's also something else that we are insanely excited about!

Honestly, The Batman 2 has to fill some pretty deep boots. With a fantastic central cast, the Joker is going to have to not only compete with the likes of Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger, but a selection of incredible actors on the set of The Batman 2 as well. That's gotta suck for Barry Keoghan... who many suspect to be the actor who will play said character...

The Batman 2 Is Coming!

DC confirmed that The Batman will receive a sequel, according to Variety. The movie will not only feature Matt Reeves as director once again but will also see the return of Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader himself. Honestly, it's pretty darn exciting but also not surprising at all, seeing as the show made $134 Million USD in the US alone.

Very little else is known about the movie. We can probably expect the Joker to be there, seeing as he is clearly that hidden character at the end of The Batman, and we imagine that Riddler will at least return in a minor role. The supporting case will also likely return, seeing as they featured some much-beloved A-Listers and all did an incredible job in their respective roles.

We also expect that The Batman 2 will be just as dark as its predecessor, which will be good for some people and bad for others. Most people loved this movie, but many also found it rather tedious due to its grim atmosphere, darkness, and the fact that we saw very little of Bruce Wayne outside his suit. I mean, come on, we gotta have some of that Robert Pattinson. Just gorgeous...