The Flash Overtakes Green Lantern As DC's Worst CGI Disaster

DC continues their downward spiral, as The Flash performs even worse at the box office than Green Lantern.
Thumbnail The Flash
Green Lantern is no longer the worst DC movie | © Warner Bros. Pictures

The Flash had a lot of expectations leading up to it. With it being the starting point of James Gunn's new DCEU and Warner Bros. investing quite a bit of money into the project, they must have expected quite a run at the box office.

Too bad then that the movie performed even worse than the widely panned CGI disaster that was Green Lantern, losing the studio about $75 million.

The movie adapts The Flashpoint Paradox storyline, which introduces the reader to an alternate timeline where Bruce Wayne isn't Batman, the Justice League doesn't exist and Wonder Woman & Aquaman are at war. After finding out how messed up this reality is, Barry struggles to fix the timeline and return everything to “normal”.

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In the movie, though, Barry alters history himself and now has to deal with the aftereffects.

Green Lantern No Longer DC's Biggest Failure

About a month after the initial release, The Flash will end its theatrical run as a failure. This might sound harsh, but the movie only grossed around $106 million domestically, and that with a budget of more than $200 million. Yikes!

This actually puts the movie below the worst superhero movie of all time, "Green Lantern". Granted, "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" performed even worse than the both of them at the box office.

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Still, there appears to be a trend regarding superhero movies right now, and that is terrible CGI and, as James Gunn expressed it, laziness!

Marvel at least pops out some bangers every once in a while, like the Spider-Verse movie:

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