The Rock's New Movie Will Adapt the Best Game of 2021

The Rock's next gaming movies was just revealed, and... no one saw this coming
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The Rock continues to bring games to the silver screen. | © Cigar Aficionado

I love Josef Fares. The guy is, truly, gaming's savior, and is changing the industry simply by truly being who he is, and by making games he believes in. The couch co-op genre was literally dead, but he brought it back. Not just that, he revolutionized coop gaming, by creating games that didn't just allow co-op, but rather were built around it. The latest of these games is It Takes Two, which is about a married couple working through things, as they are trapped in the bodies of dolls, and trying to make it back to their human bodies. But... this article is not about the genius of the game, but rather this:

The Rock Might Be Starring in the It Takes Two movie adaption. Yup. The news was just broken by Variety, who also reported that The Rock will be producing the movie. Now, if you're keeping up with our articles, you might remember that The Rock hinted he would be part of a huge movie adaption soon. Is this what he was talking about? We don't know, since him playing a role in the movie is not fully confirmed yet, but... let's just take a couple steps back here and get back to the beginning:

I love Josef Fares. The man started off making indie games, and now has worked his way up to his next game being an open-world, AAA, co-op game. If you know anything about gaming, then you know that just about everthing in that formula is unique. Now, add to the fact that a game like It Takes Two is not only getting the Hollywood treatment, but even has Hollywood's biggest, baddest, baldest badass attached, and you really are reminded of the American dream. One man can change the world.

I love Josef Fares.