TikTok Limits Teenagers To 1 Hour A Day - But This Won't Stop Them Using The App Longer

TikTok has announced it will set a 60-minute daily screen time limit for users aged under 18.

TikTok to be limited for teenagers | © EarlyGame | © TikTok

TikTok is one of the most influential and popular social media apps of our time. Many people are addicted, and they use it way more than they should. The TikTok algorithm is unpredictable and has a huge impact on us, especially on children and young people. Often not in a positive way.

That's why TikTok are implementing a one-hour-per-day rule for teenagers. If you then want to watch more videos on the app, you need a password.

TikTok Limits Usage To 1 Hour For Teenagers

TikTok wants to help underage users to better control the screen time they spend on the app. The company said daily screen time will be introduced in the coming weeks. Accounts of users under the age of 18 would then automatically have a time limit of one hour per day. Underage users will need to make an active decision to continue using the app after they reached the 60-minute limit.

If you get to the daily limit and are active on TikTok for more than 100 minutes a day, the app will ask you to set a time limit in the future.

Why This Won't Stop Them Using The App Longer

If users are under 13 years old, a parent or legal guardian must even enter a code to enable 30 minutes of additional viewing time. In addition, parents will now also be able to set individual time limits for their children's TikTok usage based on the day of the week. TikTok said the 60-minute limit was set after consulting academic research and experts from the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children's Hospital.

We are quite unsure how the whole thing should then be implemented. Children and young people always find a way around things like this. If the problem is solved by creating a new 18+ account, the whole concept doesn't help much in the end.

We're curious to see what happens. What do you think of the whole thing?

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