Trainwreckstv Calls For More Moderation Of Games That Are Too Realistic

A new shooter is about to enter the scene, but the very realistic graphics are a bit off-putting for many players. One of the people not happy about this development is Trainwreck, who openly condemns the game for its visuals.

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Trainwreck condemns the new shooter Unrecord for being too realistic. | © Trainwreck

Games have become more and more realistic as technology has advanced. Now, the new FPS shooter Unrecord made waves, because it might be a bit too realistic. Concerns have grown, especially because it is hard to control at what age kids might be exposed to such gruesome imagery. It might surprise you, but now even Trainwreck has spoken up about it.

For context, here is a quick summary on Unrecord or you can read our article on it for more information. The game is being developed by a group of Indie developers named DRAMA and is a shooter from the perspective of a bodycam. It runs in the Unreal Engine 5, which is known for producing very realistic visuals. After the trailer dropped, many were shocked by just how realistic everything looked and thought it might be pre-rendered. In fact, it is gameplay. Here is the trailer, so you can take a look and form your own opinion:

Trainwreck Speaks Out Against Hyperrealistic Game

Now let's get to the titular streamer and his opinion of Unrecord. Trainwreck commented under the tweet of the trailer with some very clear words:

I’m going to get a lot of hate for this - but this level of realism in video games should be heavily moderated in *shooters* for anyone *under a certain age*, I hope parents do their job. this level of realism for shooting & killing makes *me* feel uncomfortable as if I’m watching a real leak from a military or police operation. the clear distinction between real & fake is necessary, but this level of realism, in my opinion, gives real credibility to the nonsense politicians have been spewing for years about video games conditioning young people to lose a sense of empathy toward violent tendencies or situations.

Honestly, he has a point. Watching the trailer, it can be uncanny, how real everything seems. Even though it will probably be age restricted, we all know there are ways for children to get the game regardless. A conversation about the availability of realistic shooters for clearly too young gamers, has been going on for a long time. In all this time, no one has found a satisfactory solution. Don't underestimate, what kids can get their parents to buy them.

Another important aspect, Trainwreck brought up, is the prejudice we gamers already face, especially from politics. Everyone has read the headlines about "killer games" and they certainly have helped the average person build an opinion on video games, even though the scene is so diverse in games and play styles. Do we really want to add fuel to the fire by having games that can be mistaken for reality?

Of course, it is interesting that Trainwreck has such a strong opinion on the matter. After all, he co-founded and openly backs the streaming platform Kick after leaving Twitch that allows gambling and even streaming porn. That is most certainly not kid friendly. It feels a bit like the "He a little confused, but he got the spirit" meme.

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One thing is for certain, though. A lot of gamers very much agree with him on the topic of hyperrealistic shooters.

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