"Almost Too Realistic": New Shooter Uses Disturbingly Lifelike Bodycam Perspective...

The first gameplay footage from the new "bodycam fps" Unrecord has been released. It looks incredibly realistic, but social media is divided, with many claiming that the game is "too realistic".

In Unrecord you play as a police officer... but maybe this isn't the best time for a game like that. | © DRAMA

Gameplay footage from a new FPS called "Unrecord" is getting a lot of attention right now. In Unrecord, you observe the world around you from the perspective of a bodycam, as you can see in the image above. The game looks incredibly realistic, and the new bodycam perspective is certainly an innovation, but Unrecord has divided social media.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you might want to watch the recently-released gameplay trailer for Unrecord:

There's absolutely no controversy regarding the quality of the game; as you can see, it really is impressive. But maybe it's too impressive for its own good...

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Unrecord Gameplay Divides Audience

The problem with Unrecord is that it looks eerily similar to those videos of police shootings that we've become so accustomed to seeing in recent years. Some see this as a video game merely representing the reality of police work, but others have claimed that it's deeply problematic.

One Twitter user even implied racist intent:

There are others who are worried from a more general perspective about the effects of allowing people to recreate the act of killing in such a realistic fashion:

But it's important to note that a great many of the top comments are simply saying things like "WTF, this looks so real", and "wow, UE5 is wild".

The developers themselves have not commented on any of the more critical replies, but we expect this conversation to continue.

Unrecord does not have a release date yet, but it has been confirmed for PC. You can add it to your Steam Wishlist already. Will you play the game, or do you also see it as problematic?

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