Watch This Hilarious Mario Movie Plumbing Ad

The Super Mario movie will be releasing soon and to get fans excited for this project, we're getting some pretty hilarious ads for it. Will this commercial for the film make us want to go to the cinema to watch it though? You let us know!

Super Mario Movie Ad Plumbers
This ad for the film is far too funny. | © Universal Pictures

The Super Mario Movie is just around the corner and the marketing around this film is heating up. During the 2023 Superbowl, one hilarious ad was shown which had the internet going crazy and has made this movie one of the trending topics ahead of its release.

Have you ever wondered what Mario and Luigi do while they're not off saving princesses? Well, it seems that the truth has finally been revealed thanks to this movie advertisement during Superbowl LVII.

Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer Hit The Mark

So, while fans haven't had too much to celebrate in regard to this film, it seems that this advertisement, shown during the Superbowl has won them over finally. It's basically an ad for Mario and Luigi's plumbing business, even going as far as to advertise their plumbing business.

If you actually go on the website advertised in the short commercial,, then you'll be surprised to find that there is actually a website. Of course, it's just marketing material for the upcoming movie which is set to release on April 7, 2023, but it's a great touch.

So, if you're looking for a plumbing service in Queens and Brooklyn, you can apparently call the smb plumbing service. Does this explain, why Mario in the film won't have his signature accent? Could be.

Honestly, this ad is pretty funny and it's so on-brand that it just works. It's a good thing the marketing isn't taking itself too serious, since Mario and Luigi are two pretty funny fellas.

In the commercial a phone number to text was also revealed, but this number only works in the US according to the website, so we couldn't call or text to see whether Mario and Luigi would show up at our office to help fix our drain in the office kitchen.

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