Will The Pokémon Series Continue Without Ash Ketchum?

Ash Ketchum is one of the most iconic characters in television. No matter if you're GenZ or GenY you grew up watching this mother f*cker try to become the best. Now that he's achieved it, will it mean his exit from the series?

Ash Ketchum Wins Pokemon League
He's finally done it.... but now what? | © Riot Games

It took 25-years but the 10-year-old Ash Ketchum has finally won it all. He is the Pokémon champion. How someone can battle for 25-years and still remain 10-years-old is a question we won't even think about, instead we all celebrated in happiness, knowing he finally did it!

Now, with a victory under his belt and finally a Pokémon League champion, what else can Ash Ketchum even attain? Is this the end of an era for this iconic television personality? Thankfully at a recent TV Tokyo press conference we got some answers.

Pokémon: TV Tokyo Bosses Explain Ash' Future in the Show

Fans accross the world who want to see more of Ash and Pikachu can breathe easy according to officials from TV Tokyo. Content creator ThePokeRaf tweeted out a translation from a press conference in which Hiraoka Risuke, General Manager of the Anime Business Headquarters explained that Ash still has a future in the show.

Satoshi’s future will continue. We will be revealing information on how this adventure will turn out in future anime broadcasts

Satoshi is the Japanese name for Ash in the series so there is a high chance that we will be seeing Ashe once more for Gen 9.

TV Tokyo president, Ichiro Ishikawa, was also quoted by Livedoor news talking about Ash and his accomplishment of finally making it to the top of the Pokémon world.

I heard that fans all over the world sent congratulations to Satoshi for winning the championship this time

With such high praise we surely couldn't have this be the end of Ashe Ketchum and Pikachu, right?

The most recent games might not have lived up to standards, but we know that the show will continue to deliver with the same formula it's done since the 90s.

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