FIFA 23: The Best And Cheapest OP Icons

Icons are among the best and most expensive cards in FIFA 23 and are something really special. Everybody wants to play with a lot of icons in his team and that's why we show you the best and cheapest OP icons in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Icons
You can't go wrong with these good and cheap FIFA 23 Icons! | © EA / EG

The transfer market is as low as rarely before in a FIFA game, so you can already afford cheap and at the same time good icons in FIFA 23. Of course, we stay away from bad cards like Jari Litmanen or Riquelme, who unfortunately are absolutely not playable. We show you cheap FIFA 23 OP icons that anybody can buy. At the end of the article we also take a look at the best and most expensive icons in the game, so if you have a well-filled PayPal account, you can have a look at the list with Ronaldo, Pelé and Co.

EA released the first guaranteed icon SBC early in the game, so I hope you've completed that SBC too. Icons are cheaper than ever before, so with a bit of luck and grind you can already gamble on real bangers like Nemanja Vidić or Gheorghe Hagi. But you also have to be careful, because some cards have real fake stats and are not good at all ingame.

FIFA 23: The Cheapest OP Icons

First of all, we have to determine what makes a good icon and how the price-performance ratio fits. We can certainly agree that baby Patrick Vieira is one of the best cards in the entire game, but the French midfielder costs 800,000 coins. Only very few can afford that, and that's why we look around for similarly strong cards that are significantly cheaper.

Optimally, a good icon should of course have "Lengthy" or be able to convert to lengthy with a chemistry style. This is actually important and correct for every team part, but good icons with lengthy cost real money. That's why we have some icon strikers in our list who are not lengthy but really agile and strong in finishing, we think of Davor Šuker here. As a second striker, you can put Gonzalo Higuain or Fernando Morientes, for example, so you have a good mix in attack.

We have not included any icon in our list that is more expensive than 200k coins. Here are the best and cheapest OP icons in FIFA 23:

Petr CechGK8698.000
Peter SchmeichelGK8674.500
Nemanja VidićCB85132.000
Roy KeaneCM88178.000
Gheorghe HagiCAM85110.000
Claude MakéléléRM, CDM, CM, RW
Pavel NedvědLM, RM, LW
Henrik LarssonST, CF
Hernán CrespoST, CF
Davor ŠukerST, CF
Fernando TorresST, CF
Andriy ShevchenkoST, CF

We particularly like the two goalkeepers Schmeichel and Cech in this list. Having an icon in goal is quite different from having a regular gold card. So if you don't necessarily have to rely on Manuel Neuer or Thibaut Courtois because of their chemistry, you should give the icons a try. One of the best centre-backs in the game is Vidić. Vidić has lengthy, gets to 85 pace with Shadow and is simply a physical monster for a ridiculous 132k. Nedvěd is our favourite player here because he has 5-star Weak Foot and just cracking all-round values. At almost 200k, he's also not quite as cheap as Larsson or Crespo, who don't get to lengthy but are convincing with pace and finishing.

Nedved FIFA 23
You can use Nedved offensively in all positions - thanks to his strong "weak" foot. | © Futbin

Try out these icons, they are really OP and also fit the meta. We don't always want to see Haaland and Co in the mix, give the icons some love.

And there is a lot of love for the best and most expensive icons in FIFA 23...

The Best And Most Expensive Icons In FIFA 23

If you have one of these icons in your team, then you have played through FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It's always the same... A mate of mine finished Division Rivals in a worse league with worse rewards, but then packs the 92 OVR Mid Paolo Maldini, the most expensive defender in the game. I really don't know what to say anymore. If you wanted to buy Maldini, you would currently have to pay 910,000 coins. No problem, you say? Then here are the most expensive icons on every position in FIFA 23:

Edwin van der SarGK89371.000
Paolo MaldiniCB, LB
Roberto CarlosLB, LWB
Lothar MatthäusCDM, CB, RM
Marcel DesaillyCDM, CB
Ruud GullitCM, CB, ST
Patrick VieiraCM, CDM
RonaldinhoCAM, CF, LW
Zinedine ZidaneCAM, CM, LM
JairzinhoRW, RM
Johan CruyffCF, ST, CAM
EusébioCF, ST
Ferenc PuskásST, CF
Éric CantonaST, CF
RonaldoST, CF

This is, of course, the crème de la crème of FUT cards. But there are supposed to be people who have enough money and coins to afford the best icons. Gullit can play CB, CM and ST, he is after all the namesake of the "Gullit Gang", which are players who have any stat above 80 and can be used anywhere on the pitch. R9 is by far the best and most expensive card here, the good man costs almost 8 million coins, but also has 5-star skills and Weak Foot respectively. Éric Cantona can have lengthy (with Marksman), he is a real gamechanger in the attack- if you have 2.5 million coins. Desailly is a really strong CB, and just under 450,000 coins is comparatively cheap here.

Gullit FIFA 23
Any stat above 80 - only Ruud Gullit can do that. | © Futbin

All icons we have presented here fit into the current FIFA 23 meta of course. Have fun trying out the cards, no matter if they are the good and cheap icons or the best and most expensive ones in FIFA 23.

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