FIFA Ultimate Team: What Is Icon Roulette Wheel?

Bored of FIFA Ultimate Team? Do you need more variety and a dose of thrill? We introduce you to the Icon Roulette Wheel, tell you what it is and how to use it in FIFA 22.

FIFA Icon Roulette Wheel
Spin that wheel! | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Yes, at the turn of the year, some FUT fans need a new challenge to have fun in FIFA Ultimate Team again. If you look at the Headliners, you can quickly see that they are nice, but by the time they have their four wins (for the upgrade), there are new events and cards.

The Team of the Year will soon drop and then Headliners will only be second choice. And if you take a look at the Numbers Up promo, you will get why it is simply awful when upgrades for cards only come months after the release. The alternative? Well, EA should probably bring fewer FUT events but... the chance is about as high as on Pelé or R9...

Fortunately, the community is creative and thinks of extra games to keep at least pack openings exciting. For example, with the Icon Roulette!

What is Icon Roulette in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Icon Roulette is primarily designed to add even more tension to the pack opening. It's about getting an Icon without seeing who it is. Of course, you need a lot of coins so that in the best case scenario, you can afford several Icon packs at the same time.

It's really no big deal:

  • Choose an Icon pack in the FUT Store
  • Turn off your screen before opening it
  • Open the pack and store the player directly in your club
  • Then open the transfer list, set the league to "Icons" and click through Country/Region to see who it is

Lots of YouTubers and content creators upload such videos simply because it's pretty exciting and entertaining not to know what came out of them. If you're still not quite sure how to do it, NepentheZ 2 opens a bunch of packs this way:

Imagine you do this and get Pelé. If you can't decide which country to look for, we have an Icon Roulette Wheel for you. This will indicate the different nations that you can then search for.

And if you should lose track, of course we also have all FIFA Icons for you.