FIFA 23: James Tavernier And Ryan Kent Centurions SBC - Cheap & Good Value!

While the Centurions promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team might be a let-down for many fans, the newly released SBC featuring James Tavernier looks quite promising. You can find everything you need to know about it here!

Tavernier Bild
James Tavernier SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

We're getting closer and closer to the most exciting time of the year – FIFA 23's Team of the Year is just around the corner. Currently, we still have to survive the FUT Centurions promo, which – to be honest – is not that great! However, the same cannot be said for this particular SBC. James Tavernier: One of the best SBCs of the current event, that's for sure! Let's take a closer look...

James Tavernier SBC In FIFA 23

The SBC requires two teams. To complete the first stage, you'll have to exchange an 82-rated squad, including an inform player. You'll be rewarded with Ryan Kent's Centurion special card if you've done this. He's quite useful as he links perfectly to Tavernier. For the second step, you'll need to build a team with an OVR of at least 84, which also includes an Englishman and a Team of the Week player.

SBC Voraussetzung Tav
These are the SBC requirements. | © FUTBIN

The Squad Building Challenge costs 60K and is available for one week. Sounds decent, right? A Gullit Gang Member + Ryan Kent for only 60K, not bad. Now that we've sorted everything out about the SBC, let's take a look at the card itself.

FIFA 23 James Tavernier SBC Is Worth It

In our humble opinion, you should complete the Tavernier SBC as it seems like a solid deal. On top of that, this guy can do everything on the pitch! Gullit Gang Member, 4 skills and 90 pace as a full-back, what more could you ask for? In addition, he's got world-class defense stats ​​and his passes really jingle my bells.

Just look at this card! | © FUTBIN

Now, if you're thinking: Great, how am I supposed to link James Tavernier? It's really easy. Of course, the most obvious nation is England. In FUT, I can think of players like Fikayo Tomori, Phil Foden or Jude Bellingham.

If you don't have that many coins or just want to try something more unusual, you can also use Centurions Ryan Kent (85 OVR). While we don't recommend it (his stats don't look quite as good as his teammate's), FIFA 23 is all about having fun, right? Who needs to win anyway...

This is what a possible starting XI featuring James Tavernier could look like in FIFA 23:

Tavernier Team
Tavernier really fits this squad perfectly. | © FUTBIN

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