FIFA 23: Maxim Gullit Winter Wildcard SBC – Like Father Like Son

The Winter Wildcard Promo is slowly but surely turning out to be the best promo in FIFA 23. Another reason for this is the Maxim Gullit Squad Building Challenge.

FIFA 23 Gullit Gullit
Maxim and Ruud Gullit received exactly the same card. | © EA / EG

EA has released an awesome Winter Wildcard SBC in FIFA 23. At first sight you think: I know him! And the stats look so familiar somehow... But of course, this is Maxim Gullit, the son of the legend Ruud Gullit. Maxim has received a Winter Wildcard SBC, whose stats are exactly the same as Ruud's Baby Icon. Now that's a brilliant move.

The big difference, of course, is the price. Maxim costs 33k, Ruud is 400k more expensive. Sure, Maxim is much harder to link than Ruud, but ingame they play pretty similar. We show you the stats of the two Gullits in comparison. But before that you should bring yourself up to date with the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Swap Tokens.

Maxim Gullit SBC In FIFA 23

For the Gullit SBC you just have to give away an 84-rated squad with a Dutchman for young Gullit to play for your team. The SBC is available until January 12th, so you still have a few days to complete the challenge. But we can assure you that the card is ultra fun to play. He really plays like Baby Gullit, with a Shadow chemistry style he gets to 88 speed. He has a good positional game, anticipates some passes and hardly plays any bad passes himself. His dribbling is also surprisingly good and mobile. His shooting doesn't blow us away, but you'd better play him as a defensive midfielder anyway.

Unfortunately, and EA already messed this up with Ruud Gullit, Maxime Gullit is not a Gullit gang member. Yup. The founders of the gang are no longer members, ouch. Only players who have a stat of 80 or higher on the card count towards the Gullit Gang.

FIFA 23 Gullit SBC Is Worth It

We highly recommend doing the Maxim Gullit SBC. It only costs 33k and the man can do everything. He also has, like his father, a 5 stars Weak Foot. The only difference compared to Ruud Gullit is that Maxim Gullit is left-footed and has no traits.

Maxim Gullit
Ruud Gullit
Price33.000 Coins
432.000 Coins
PositionCM, CB, CF


Weak Foot
5 Stars
5 Stars
Skills3 Stars
3 Stars
Power Header, Leadership, Playmaker

If you're thinking: great, but how can I link Maxim Gullit? That's really easy. The most obvious is of course Ruud Gullit, who already gives his son two nationality points.

Gullit Gullit Team
This is what a team with the two Gullits could look like. | © Futbin

Then there are a lot of perfect SBCs from the Dutch league, hopefully you've completed them all. I'm thinking of Steven Bergwijn, Steven Berghuis or Davy Klaasen. You should definitely try out Gullit, it's guaranteed to be fun.

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